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People Should Pay Me For My Wisdom.

photo (6)When you live in a home with more than one person, and especially if the multiple people might have different eating habits, it’s hard for the person who is going grocery shopping to know what all is needed in the house. There are some things Donnie eats daily that I never even notice in the cabinets, much less recognize if they’re out or running low. So, our family has adopted the: Leave empty containers on the counter as a reminder until the item gets replaced – method of grocery listing.

Ideally, the items get added to my Bullet Journal to form an actual list to use every few days/weekly. But, I have given up on the Shopping Every Few Days dream of living. It’s just not workable for me, and it’s not really inconvenient to go to the store every day as both of our regular grocery stores are nearby or on the way to everything else we do. So! I shop every day! And I embrace that! SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHO DO IT ALL ONCE A WEEK.

(Sorry. I have some lingering feelings of inadequacy over my poor grocery planning skills.)

Anyway! Since I go every day, I don’t always have a “list” I’m working on. So, I simply take a picture of the counter of empty containers and use that as my list. I don’t forget anything that way AND I don’t waste the space in my bullet journal that I could be using for doodles the of “Kim and Donnie: True Love 4-Ever!” that I do while waiting on hold with the HVAC company.

Basically I’m giving you a Zoot Approved Life Hack here at >>> Leave your empty (and yucky) food containers on your counters when things run out, and then photograph the grossness in lieu of a grocery list.

You’re Welcome.

6 thoughts on “People Should Pay Me For My Wisdom.”

  1. That is an excellent idea. We have 7 people in our household, so we are constantly running out of stuff. But? I can have all the kids, who are techies themselves, send me a pic of whatever it is they’ve just used the last of and will forget to tell me about when I get home from work. I may even be able to implement this with my mom (who also lives with us, SUPER long story) and have her send me pics as well.
    And I agree, this way we have more doodling/sticker space in our lifelines, because we need to make it personal, not just in a “wow, we eat a lot of peanut butter and ketchup” way.

  2. we have a chalkboard in our kitchen that we use for groceries and i just snap a pic of it before i leave in the morning. the frustrating thing is if the dang thing isnt updated – perhaps your empty jars would work better! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear someone else shops every day. I do too…. it’s easier and I spend less money and we waste less food! (and is definitely not because I can’t get my act together and make a weekly list… hahaha… yeah, it kinda is…)

  4. I like the idea, but would drive me a bit crazy (and my hubby even crazier)… We like clean counters and while they rarely are clean, the empties would be lost among all the other crap my family insists on leaving there.

    My counters are a mess right now (although they weren’t at one point last night) and I am allowing myself some chill time before getting down to business. I have a lot of picking up and putting away to do before our biweekly housekeeper comes to *clean* (I SUCK at cleaning). I am slightly stressed because I am getting ready for a weekend away with hubby (he is taking me to NYC for my big 5-0, which is Sunday) and don’t want to forget anything.

  5. I use the Out of Milk app for my shopping list and everyone is trained to tell me when we run out of things. I also shop about every other day. Shopping once a week would stress me out, I hate having a huge list and cart full of stuff.

    And even though I do my other lists old school on paper, I live for the Out of Milk app.

  6. You should try the Grocery IQ App. It’s amazing. You can link anyone in the household with the app. My husband and I use it all the time. It allows anyone with the app to add items to the list as they think of them, so of you happen to be out and about you can check the list and see what’s needs at any time. Pretty darn spiffy! You can also place the items in your list according to the layout of your store or stores for easy shopping. It also saves your items so you can quickly add frequently bought items. Check it out!

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