The “D” and the “F” Are Too Close On The Keypad When Chronicling A Duck Hunt

photo (5)This weekend was jam-packed, as usual. I’m starting to wonder how we ended up being the kind of people who intentionally pack our weekends as full as possible. For some reason, I feel like I’m failing if we are sitting around for too long doing nothing. Why do I feel this way? And can it be treated with medication?

Saturday morning I took Nikki to a 5K where we had a plan to get her a PR. I don’t know her exact best 5K time, but I knew it was slower than 33 minutes. She ran a mile in close to 9 minutes at a fun run recently, and she does the 1-mile loop on trails on Tuesday nights in under 11 minutes (and that’s on trails) so I felt very confident she could hold a sub-11:00 pace for the race and hopefully get us in under 33 minutes. She was up for the challenge (we only try to keep a certain pace once in awhile, it’s healthy to force yourself out of your comfort zone periodically) and she did GREAT. She held the pace strong and then kicked it in faster for the last mile when she started wanting to pass the girls ahead of her who might be in her age group. She ended up coming in about 31:45 and got second in her age group. I was so desperately proud of her. She’s been working so hard this summer! This last week she ran a total of 9 miles and biked a totally of 20. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? And she enjoys it all! (Mostly.)

Then we decided to finally do that Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt around downtown Huntsville. There are twelve clues and you find these outdoor ducks around certain places. We thought it would take us an hour, to an hour-and-a-half and then we’d go home and grab some lunch. Well…FOUR HOURS LATER…we were done. It was fun but it was not easy by any means. And there was one clue in particular that we struggled with because it was leading you to a “rock with water coming out” (a fountain) and after an hour, and a lunch break, and a phone call for help (didn’t help) and asking a local business owner for help (kinda helped) we finally lucked out even though the FOUNTAIN WAS OFF. So, we basically spent over an hour looking for something that didn’t exist. But, still fun! Although, we were posting photos throughout our journey and THANK GOD I wasn’t too fast on the “submit” or else I would have captioned several of our photos as the “F*ck Hunt” thanks to the proximity of the “d” and the “f” on the keypad.

We got home and got the kids cleaned up and then they went to Kid’s Night at the YMCA while Donnie and I went to dinner and heard some music downtown. We were like real grown-ups! Who have lives and don’t go to bed at 8pm! It was awesome!

Anyway – busy Saturday but loads of fun. Sunday was busy in a different kind of way with Father’s Day stuff and boring domestic duties that I won’t narrate for you. (I did do a fun 10-mile run with a fun running group, but that’s not fun to narrate either.) Either way, when our weekends are that full I always wake up on Monday with a little bit of regret. Like, “Um…when did I rest? Or catch up on sleep?” Because I was up before the sun on both days and up past my bedtime both nights and I’m feeling a bit hungover today. Not from alcohol, but from LIFE. One of these weekends I’m going to force myself to just be lazy just so I can decide: Which is really better, a busy weekend or a relaxing weekend? Because somewhere along the way I decided busy weekends are better. And while they feel better while they’re happening? The make Mondays HURT SO BAD.

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  1. I feel your pain. I have both, relaxing weekends but also very busy weekends. The problem is, i usually have them planned weeks in advance (the busy ones) and then when they are there, they are not what i need. This weekend i picked up a free kitchen for (and with) a friend. It took us two runs to get the whole kitchen, that was 4×1 hour drives, + getting the kitchen apart and in storage. I was so so tired after that. I was still tired yesterday. So i had a massive guilt trip while calling my father that i really was not mentally and physically ready to drive another hour to visit him. Not good :(.
    Same thing happens when i have a free weekend. Usually i don’t need them when they happen. So i end up feeling bored, calling friends (who usually have other plans) or finding activities on the internet. If that doesn’t work out, i also feel bad about not making the most of the weekend. Not even taking the opportunity to rest…

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