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This is why you don’t tweet before bed…

Twitter is a weird bit of social media to me. I don’t use it as often as Instagram or Facebook, but I check it just as often. I use it more for the newsfeed function than for the “contributing to the ether” function. So, I rarely get messages or follows or RTs, and sometimes I forget I’ve even tweeted something.

Well, last night before bed, the official TFiOS movie twitter account asked if there were any TFiOSMoms out on Twitter. And I’m like, That’s me! and I responded immediately with a picture of my tattoo. I then went to bed and thought nothing more of the incident.

And then I woke up this morning and my twitter app was ALL SORTS OF CRAZY. New follows! New Favorites! New RTs! I had NO idea what was going on because I didn’t remember tweeting anything.


Well, I guess the TFiOS Movie account RT’d my response and that’s all they wrote. I’ve got replies telling me I’m an awesome Mom, that people love my tattoo, that they love ME…it’s CRAZY. And hilarious. Because I’m just a running Mommy Blogger in Alabama and now I have this one tweet that has been RT’d a bunch of times and THAT will be my internet claim to fame. I thought it might be that “Quit Hating On People Who Shop At Thanksgiving” entry that went viral enough I had to turn off comments. Nope, not anymore, now my internet legacy is going to be my TFiOS tattoo. Which is fine since not a day goes by that I don’t get at least one notice of someone repinning E’s TFiOS tattoo on Pinterest, so now it’s just going to be our family legacy. We’ll be buried together in 100 years in a mausoleum that will say, “Here Lies Zoot and E – Two People With Cool TFiOS Tattoos.”

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  1. It doesn’t stop there because I just saw E’s leg on buzzfeed in a15 best TFiOS tattoos compilation!

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