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A Night At The Library

I grew up going to the library almost every other Saturday. We did it every other Saturday because the in-between Saturdays we were with our Mom. So, every two weeks we took back our stack of books and picked up another stack. I loved library day. I loved discovering new reads every two weeks. LOVED IT.

As an adult my affection for the library faded a bit as I simply started enjoying filling my bookshelves with books I had read. I would hit up used book stores instead. Or even the “Give Away” pile at the yard sales. But then time went by and I kept moving and packing up those books and finding spaces for them started taking the fun out of owning them. With this last move I decided to be more selective. What’s the point in keeping a book you don’t truly love? Someone else doesn’t get to read it then and it takes up space on your shelves! So, I donated tons of books to the library for their book sales. Even now, if I buy a book and don’t end up loving it, it goes to the library donation pile.

So, here I’ve come full circle again, back to my weekly trips to the library. Now, if it’s a book I know I’ll love, from an author I already love, I still purchase it. But, I go to the library now for book club books (there’s no guarantee there, as most of the time I didn’t even pick out the book) or to just simple browse.

I have no idea why I browse so much, my “To Read” shelf on Goodreads is PLENTY FULL. Why don’t I just check out one of those books? I HAVE NO IDEA. There’s something about just perusing the stacks and finding a random book to read that you didn’t know you even wanted to read.

photoThe problem is with my local branch of our library, is the YA section has an awesome “hang out” center. There’s chairs and tables and a TV and there are ALWAYS TEENAGERS THERE. So, if I’m in the mood to browse? I have to do it in the Adult Fiction section. Now, obviously I read plenty of Adult fiction (that sounds like I’m reading pr0n) but I really like to peruse the YA section too. Unfortunately, I always worry I’ll look like the creepy old lady when the kids are there.

BUT LAST NIGHT IT WAS EMPTY! I was so excited! The YA section is small at my branch but I spent about 30 minutes just walking down the aisle reading every title, trying to see if anything jumped out at me. I decided to revisit two books I had tried before and put down for various reasons: Uglies and An Abundance Of Katherines. I got that one in an audiobook, which I decided I need to do more often. I also picked up the first two (only two? no idea…) books in a Maureen Johnson series. Yes. I know I have a self-inflicted “NO SERIES!” rule…BUT…I miss reading series books! I forgot I liked them so much! BOO!

Either way – I had the luxury of time in the YA section without fear of being judged by teenagers who get really creeped out by adults hovering behind them while they try to do their homework.

4 thoughts on “A Night At The Library”

  1. I feel sort of creepy in the YA section at my library too! Don’t let it stop you from browsing there though – that’s where the best books are 🙂 and I’ve found that the kids are willing to recommend books they love – win/win!
    Re: the books you picked…. I LOVE the Uglies series – glad you’re giving it another go! Also loved The Name of the Star, but I’ve not read the sequel to it yet (let me know how you like it!) An Abundance of Katherines is on my list too. I hope you’ll do a follow-up post and let us know what you thought of the books! (or I guess I can just check it out on goodreads). Happy reading!!

  2. Just imagine if you were there picking up a book for E and trying to find something he would like. Totally not creepy. : )

    Those kids are probably to wrapped up in what they are doing to pay much attention to you browsing the bookshelves. As long as you aren’t acting creepy (staring at them, trying to casual touch them, etc which you AREN’T) I don’t think they’ll even think about it.

  3. Hee! This cracked me up. We rediscovered our neighborhood library when my daughter was a toddler, and loved being read to. It’s even more awesome now with a recent renovation. I know what you mean about the YA section. I feel like I’m getting the side-eye from all the teens in there, because WHAT is that OLD LADY doing in HERE? Anyhow, I loved loved LOVED the Uglies series. I read it right after finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy, when I needed MORE of that. I think it’s really good, and I hope you end up enjoying it.

  4. I’m a young adult librarian, and I LOVE seeing adults in my section! Truly. I read tons of YA fiction and I know a lot other people my age do too, and yet I always see “us” slinking around over there like they’re not allowed. You’re allowed! Everyone is allowed! You’re probably making a librarian happy every time you go over there. 🙂

    (Also, you’re not alone: )

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