Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza!

In case you’re new here, E and I came up with a tradition called “Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza” many moons ago. I documented the first one here. At least I think that was the first one, there may have actually been one before but no more than that. Basically I get to go to the theater and watch movies all day. I could squeeze in 4, but the most I’ve ever done is 3 as I don’t want to A) fall asleep or B) watch a movie I don’t really care about.

We couldn’t do it on Sunday because E works at a local high-end grocery store that gets VERY busy on Mother’s Day with all of the fresh flower/candy sales. He actually worked ELEVEN HOURS! Today was the first day after Mother’s Day that E didn’t have to work during prime movie hours and the kid’s didn’t have evening activities. SO! Today it is!

The last few years have yielded dismal selections and I’ve either only seen one or two movies, or one year I even waited for another weekend entirely because there wasn’t even one movie out I wanted to see. But this year! This year there are PLENTY! I could probably even watch four if I could stay up past 9pm. Alas, I can’t so this year we have:


I normally don’t like the “Adult Humor” comedy movies that Seth Rogen does. HOWEVER, Jimmy Fallon said this one also has a lot of heart and is sweet and there have been two previews with Rose Byrne in them that have – LITERALLY – made me laugh out loud. So! That’s the first one, seeing it while the kids are in school, with E and possibly Donnie if he can get away.

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Seeing it after school with all three kids. I have simply ADORED Andrew Garfield ever since this happened in advance of the first installment. I also love the chemistry he and Emma Stone have and I love the idea of multiple bad guys. And of course – there’s my affection for ALL superhero movies. I have yet to see one I didn’t like. I’ve definetly liked some more than others, but I like them all.

Captain American: The Winter Soldier

This one has gotten SUCH good reviews and I’ve been dying to see it, we just haven’t had time. So tonight, after dinner, I’ll see it with Donnie and Nikki and Wesley, maybe E – not sure yet. The first Captain America was on my “Like, but not Love” list but I loved Avengers so much that my affection for Cap grew anyway, so I’m going into this one with similar affection as I do with The Amazing Spiderman. There’s probably not a whole lot that could happen that I wouldn’t love.

SO! That’s my day! WOOT!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza!”


    i’m trying to decide which we’ll go see on saturday, neighbors or captain america? i want to see both, but i don’t know which one should take priority. maybe CA b/c it’s already been out so long, and i should see it in the theatres vs home? but then the other looks HILARIOUS so then i don’t know… 🙂

  2. The most I have done in a row at our local cinema is two movies. I can’t remember what I watched first but the second was The Blind Side – my friend Suzie came to watch it with me. I did want to go see Captain America but I gave up my cinema card for a combination of things but the main one being price and the lack of choice at our local place. We are playing to have a Star Wars movie fest next year though. Star Wars day falls on the Bank Holiday here next year so we’ll have all day to just chill and work our way through them all and no clashes with church.

  3. You’ve probably already decided BUT – I would say save Neighbors for renting b/c CA loops AMAZING on the big screen!!!

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