All is well.

If you’ll recall, three years ago (almost to the day) tornados hit Alabama and took out a node of our electrical distribution and we were without power – as a city – for five days. And that was the least of the problems in the state. Yesterday we had non-stop storms again, and the schools all let out early and the city basically shut down. As far as I can tell, as a whole, South Huntsville is okay. Mississippi to our West was not as lucky. The adjacent county to our West – Limestone County – got hit hard and sustained fatalities. Other communities in North Alabama got hit hard too, but no fatalities. West Huntsville saw a lot of damage. And we’re all supposed to stay “weather aware” again today.

But we’re okay. Thank you for asking. I’m going to spend the day trying to get caught up on my life on my work and on my family. I’m still behind on laundry and shopping from our trip this weekend. I’m going to try to be settled in more in case we have any more severe weather today.

Our county was under threat of tornados three times, which means we heard the sirens three times yesterday. This one time, it was the far northwest side of the county while we’re northeast, so we didn’t shelter in place. I did take the time to record the sound though, if you’ve never heard it.


It’s scary. I spent almost a decade not being too scared of storms, and even still sometimes they don’t faze me. However, since it’s the same time of year, same type of storms, as the ones that did so much damage three years ago – I’m a bit more frazzled than usual.

My thoughts are with in the path of the storms today. Stay safe, my friends.

3 thoughts on “All is well.”

  1. Glad everything was okay with you! I live in AR and we were fine but as you know, many in other parts of the state were not so fortunate.

  2. Man, that siren is scary. I’m in the PNW, so I haven’t ever experienced that type of warning. For someone with anxiety, that would be terrifying!!!

  3. Glad to hear you’re safe. My sis lives in Alabama, and not only were we worried about her and her family, but we were under a tornado warning here in TN, too. Fingers crossed we don’t ever get another “take shelter now” text alert from the weather service. Stay safe!

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