Anyone got any toilet paper?

10172643_10152719279678496_1864596354346398148_nI made a quick trip yesterday to take some stuff to E that he needed ASAP. I hadn’t seen him in several weeks and needed to also deliver his Easter Basket. The down side? I STILL FEEL LIKE POOP.

But still! I was excited! So, I hit the road right after I dropped the kids off at school. When I saw him I game him a hug and almost passed out from being dizzy. It was pretty awesome.

Here are the things I brought with me to visit E

  • A stained shirt that I had worn the day before. I put a scarf over it, however, to try to hide the stain.
  • A roll of toilet paper in my purse for when I sneezed because I’m out of tissues.
  • A raspy voice that sounds like I’m two steps away from respiratory death.
  • An inability to judge my own vocal volume due to head congestion.
  • The period inability to grasp vocabulary or language skills due to the presence of allergy and cold medicines.

And you know what? He still wanted to hang out with me! Which goes entirely against what I deserve for how I treated my own Dad. He never did anything as embarrassing as pull a roll of toilet paper out of his purse in a restaurant. Yet still! I wouldn’t sit with him when he was kind enough to take me to a movie. Nope. I made him sit as far away as possible.

Now, in my defense, I got over that by 10th or 11th grade. Towards the end of high school I enjoyed his company and wanted him to chaperone or carpool if needed, but I was a giant beeyatch in middle school, not even wanting to acknowledge his existence.

But yesterday! E tolerated my embarrassing sickly behavior and even seemed to enjoy my company.

I’m a lucky girl.

Who is probably going to finally get her karmic comeuppance when Nikki hits middle school. I’m predicting several ugly years to FINALLY pay me back for my own indiscretions as a tween.

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