Oh boy, howdy. This weekend kicked my ass, y’all. I only ran 8 miles the whole weekend, which is about a third of what I normally do, but I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

The kids had a race Saturday morning. Nikki was doing a 5K and Wes was doing the 1-mile fun run. If you’ll recall, we’ve been on a tutu kick ever since Monika Allen was mocked in SELF magazine for wearing one. I couldn’t wear one for more than a 5K, but I’ll try to sport one when I can in her honor! Nikki wanted to join the fun so I made her one, and then Wes felt left out so he asked for one too. photo (12)

I didn’t put TOO much effort into Wes’s because he tends to get self-conscious and embarrassed easily. I really thought he’d want to take it once we got to the race. We were stretching with a group from Fleet Feet and he turned to me and said, “I’m embarrassed.” I immediately re-assured him, “You can take off the tutu! You don’t have to wear it, I just made it because you asked for one.” He furrowed his brows in confusion and said, “No. I’m not embarrassed by the tutu. I’m embarrassed by the stretching.”

photo 1 (9)photo 2 (7)


They both did their races fine in their tutus. Of course, after it was over they just got irritated with them and took them off, leaving me as the lone tutu-wearing Weirdo. But I’m used to that.

We did an egg hunt Saturday afternoon, then we had a Christening Sunday morning for my niece and a family Easter celebration at lunch after that with another egg hunt. By 3:30pm yesterday afternoon I was in my pajamas and ready for bed. My allergies have morphed and now I’m celebrating allergy season with an awesome painful cough so I’m not sleeping well. Meaning, my weekend felt like I had run 50 miles instead of the 8 I actually ran.


I’m exhausted but it was a beautiful weekend full of family and friends. My only downside was that E wasn’t able to come home because he had initiation festivities for his fraternity. I hated that the Easter Bunny brought him an Easter basket and he wasn’t there to get it. Alas, he’s a grownup now, so I guess this is part of growing up, not planning your life around visits from imaginary mammals?

But still – as weekends filled with coughing and sneezing go – it was a good one. Any time you can watch your kids run a race in tutus, you can call it a win.

2 thoughts on “#TutuSolidarity”

  1. Aww, they’re so cute in their tutus!

    Just wondering, and I may have missed the post.. But did you ever do a follow up on how your surgery went to help your endometriosis/PCOS? I would be very interested to see if it helped or not.

  2. You all look so cute! Sorry about E not being there. I have a freshman off at college also, and she’s
    8 hours away so making it home for Easter wasn’t happening. I did Fedex her 5 pounds of candy last week though. 🙂

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