Remember that time that girl stopped sleeping and then opened an Etsy shop? That was funny.

So! I woke up at 2am again this morning! Over the last week this has happened TOO MANY TIMES. I might have more to talk about regarding Zoot’s Insomnia tomorrow, but for now? Just know that I Am Stressed About Things! Things out of my control. Which is the WORST kind of stress because you tell yourself – THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THESE THINGS! Yet still! Stress! Insomnia! WHEEE! I really need to try ear seeds, they’re supposed to be the latest natural remedy that actually works so click here if you suffer from the same thing.

So, I did what all people suffering from insomnia do, search where to buy CBD isolate powder that might be good for insomnia? No, I opened an Etsy shop.

Actually…the Etsy shop has been open for years, mainly because I was confused a long time ago and thought that to USE Etsy I needed a shop. Because I was dumb. The shop had nothing in it, but it existed in cyberspace. You never know how much stress and insomnia can affect you until you experience it yourself. I wish I had known about this shop earlier, as I may have found various ways to manage my insomnia a lot better.

But today! Today it has one item in it!

Of course you all know that I love Bullet Journaling. And if you click that link you’ll find a link to another page of mediocre downloads for monthly pages for your bullet journal. But – I don’t like those mediocre downloads. I wanted BETTER downloads. So! I’ve been making higher resolution, easily editable, PDF calendar pages for myself to use. And then…during one of my recent episodes of insomnia, I thought: WAIT! I could sell these!.

And y’all? I have no idea if I can sell these or not. But I made them for myself so – what the hell, right? It does NO harm to anyone, but maybe if someone wants nicer, printable monthly pages for their moleskine…they’ll give me some money for mine?

I have no idea. I’m just tired.

Also? Some of our stress is (a little indirectly) money related, so if I can make millions off selling Bullet Journal downloads? Then maybe I’ll be able to sleep again.


I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore.


3 thoughts on “Remember that time that girl stopped sleeping and then opened an Etsy shop? That was funny.”

  1. You are seriously tired. You can’t tell us you have an Etsy shop and not link to it! Are you crazy, woman? That’s how riots start.

  2. Chris and I have always known that one day your creativity will make you lots and lots of cash. You’re brilliant and you’ve got humor, strength and determination as a freaking bonus. So I’ll be looking forward to the post one day that says something like “Who would have ever thought I’d become a self-made millionaire?” and it’ll be my pleasure to comment and say I DID!!

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