When Was The Last Time You Leapt?

I ran a KILLER race on Saturday where I got another PR but all that’s important about that is that my feet and the blisters on them are STILL not healed and, of course, Saturday’s run made them worse. So…when it was time for Sunday’s trail run? I was not in the best of shape.

The run – in general – was okay. A few chaotic issues involving people leaving early and me worrying about that, and distance being off so us being out there longer and people not having enough (or any) water…but nothing insurmountable. Just stuff that had me worried as the official worry-wart of the group. (I have business cards that say that.) But the toughest thing was that – with every mile that ticked by – my feet felt more and more raw. I was almost in tears at some points when we were on really rocky trails because it was like stepping on hot coals in bare feet. I was NOT in my happy place.

We finished our first section and one of the guys in our group encouraged us to do a tiny bit more and wander down to where he found a strange pocket of wildflowers the day before. I ginger-stepped my way down the rocky trail, glad I forced myself to get some more miles, but also hoping that these wildflowers were worth it. A friend of mine and I were joking about the two flowers on the side of the trails, “Is that it?” when we looked ahead and both shouted, “OH MY GOD!”

It was just a small swatch of solid bluebells. (I didn’t know what they were at the time.) It was BEAUTIFUL. And because it was dropped down in an old sinkhole of sorts, it looked magical.


We all walked around taking pictures and assuring our Wildflower Leader that it was TOTALLY worth the extra trip. It was wonderful. Someone mentioned that it looked like if you laid down in them, that you’d fall asleep, like in Wizard of Oz.

And then? The best part? We took turns running through them for the photo ops. And – of course – I had to leap like a FOOL even though my feet hurt like hell.



(This is what you’re missing if you’re not following me on Instagram.)

And I love these pictures DEARLY. They crack me up in nine million different ways. But the funny thing is – tons of people commented (I also posted these on my personal Facebook page) that they could NOT catch that much air if they did that.

But here’s the thing…I think you could. My feet were KILLING me, but in those moments, I was just a 9-year old kid leaping through the bluebells. I was just having a goofy time and hoping for a hilarious picture. And I think if ANYONE found themselves leaping for a Crack-Your-Family-Up photo op? You’d catch some air. But when do we have chances as adults to really goof up and jump like that? NOT ENOUGH CHANCES! I am so glad in that small little moment in my life yesterday that I was able to enjoy a chance where – as a 38-year old woman – I could see how high I could jump when acting a fool.

I mean, it’s really something we should ALL know about ourselves, don’t you think?

Try it sometime. If you have kids you can use them as A) your cover and B) your photographer. But, I found myself surrounded by adults yesterday who ALL wanted to have pictures running through the bluebells. They might not have been leaping, but they were definitely prancing and laughing their asses off. You would be surprised by how many adults you know who are up for being a little goofy just for the hell of it.

Here’s to taking time as an adult to just leap for NO GOOD REASON at all.

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