Have You Met My BFF?

Truth be told - I think the "core" in this line of ice cream needs to be bigger. But that's just my professional opinion as a full-time stress eater.
Truth be told – I think the “core” in this line of ice cream needs to be bigger. But that’s just my professional opinion as a full-time stress eater.

We’ve had a weird week. Actually, life in general has been weird for awhile. There are just a lot of variables for our future floating in the air and periodically they settle in to point one direction, or another, and I panic if it doesn’t fit EXACTLY what I want for my life.

On Monday I started panicking and immediately went to the store and bought some Ben & Jerry’s and ate it all in ONE sitting.

I wrote here first about how coping with food is one of the least-destructive ways to cope, on the grand scheme of things. Especially for a long-distance runner.

But that came out sounding like: “BETTER ICE CREAM THAT HEROIN!”

And – you know – I’m not sure if that’s the message I’m trying to relay to my blog OR to myself.

But – there it is. Once again, the crutch I lean on the most. These last two weeks I’ve been leaning on it more, partly because I’ve been tired and I eat when I’m tired, but partly because we have real stress in our lives (unlike the self-inflicted stress that hits me most weeks) and this is just me…this is how I cope. I avoid the nightly beers but I pick up the ice cream.

And you know? Some days you just have to be kind to yourself and say, “This is what I need right now. The negative side-effects are not as destructive as other behaviors. Especially as a distance runner. Not ideal…but I’m also not going to beat myself up about it when we have real stress in our lives.”

So, yes. I ate a whole pint of ice cream in about 20 minutes. And then there were more feelings to be eaten throughout the day. The ice cream was just the pinnacle.

But sometimes that happens. And sometimes that’s okay.

Yesterday was a good day. I had a good workout, I ate well. I’m going to try to spend more time patting myself on that back for that, and less time beating myself up over the ice cream on Monday. Or the french fries on Tuesday.

Because sometimes we just need to be kind to ourselves. And that’s the thing I need to work on the most. Especially in the face of uncertainty.

Be kind to yourself today. You’re okay.

6 thoughts on “Have You Met My BFF?”

  1. My first thought when I started reading this was, “It’s not drugs or alcohol. It could be so much worse!” And that was before I read your heroin comment. No, eating is not the perfect way to handle stress, but there are other much worse ways, as you said. And some people do drugs, alcohol, and beat their kids. So I think eating some Ben and Jerry’s or a box of donuts is a pretty mild way to handle it.. Especially considering how much you run.
    I’m sorry you are facing uncertainty and feeling stressed. Be kind to yourself, too.

  2. I always wished I could be one of those people I see at the gym who work out to cope with stress. Don’t think that’s particularly healthy either, as some of them are just nutty, but whatever works for people. I tend to mope and spend money. So we all have our things. The best thing is you recognize it for what it is, know that it isn’t forever and treat yourself like you would treat a good friend in your own circumstances. It dawned on me once that I am FAR more accepting of other people’s quirks than I am of my own. Why am I better friend to other people and not to myself? I have no clue, but I strive to fix that most every day. Not successfully most days, but I am still trying.

  3. For what it’s worth, not a whole lot since I’m a stranger on the internets, but I think you are too hard on yourself a lot of the time. Granted, I know that you only tell parts of the story, but you need to remember that you are worth kindness, from yourself and others.

  4. I’m going to need a food warning on your posts. I found myself looking at donuts and ice cream today at the grocery store. I kept telling myself I don’t need it, I don’t need it…..

  5. There are times one has the ability to work on the control, and times for ice cream. I got some myself tonight. Be kind to yourself. Do your best, and hang in there.

  6. I interned at b&j, and when the twister stopped working all the employees got the faulty “core” pints, lol. So happy that they’re actually selling these now!! And don’t worry, they gave us all you could eat before dong a tour, and people usually hammered them in less than ten minutes, so you really took your time and enjoyed it in twenty! 🙂

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