Celebrating Spring In SO MANY WAYS.

photo (2)It’s a new month, which means Zoot Starts Things From Scratch! I always feel renewed on the first of the month, like it’s time for my Do Over. Add that to the feeling Spring is finally here in Huntsville and the fact that I’m just feeling optimistic about April, and I’m ready to make all kinds of Zoot Becomes More Awesome progress this month. I thought I’d highlight some of the ways I’m going to become more awesome, in case you’d like to join me.

  • Well, obviously, I used my brand-new Bullet Journal monthly page. It prints better and fits better on your standard moleskin page.
  • I don’t usually do these monthly challenge things that I see on instagram and in the blogosphere. They just don’t usually speak to me, and in order for me to commit to something for a whole month? It needs to speak to me. The Subtraction Project did just that. We’ve been doing this unofficially for awhile, trimming down our possessions so we can downsize our house. (Once we realized we weren’t going to have the 10 kids we were hoping for, we decided we didn’t need a house to hold all of those children.) So, a daily prompt in de-cluttering (practically and spiritually) my life hit RIGHT on target.
  • Highs/Lows – I’m going to reinstate the “High/Low” habit in our house. When E was little, every night before bed we’d go over our HIGHS for the day and our LOWS. I’ve done that intermittently with Nikki and Wes, but I’d like to make it a habit. It’s a good practice, and while putting a spotlight on the “lows” of your day doesn’t necessarily make you more awesome, it does give me a chance to hear about the kid’s Lows, which is a good thing. And it’s always good to spotlight the “highs”. I even thought about trying to add them to my bullet journal just to document them daily, but the act of documenting them might change answers, so I’ll wait and think about that some more.
  • Exercise. In the focus of running my goal races this last month, I lost track of all of my other exercise options. Swimming, cycling, Body Pump. I like all of those to certain degrees, and haven’t done any of them in awhile. I’m getting my bike back today after lending it to a friend, and I’m hoping to get a new swimsuit soon too (I’ve been swimming in a 5-year old tankini which is not really ideal for lap swimming) to motivate me to do OTHER things on the days I’m not running. I’d like to really focus on doing SOMETHING every day. Even if it’s just a 30-minute stretch session.
  • Adjusting my relationship with food. I’ve fallen back in the Food For Feelings mode of eating lately – which means I’m not thinking about the food as anything but comfort and this is NOT GOOD. I’ve got a lot of goals in the next 12 months in my running life, big goals which require focus, I need to really go back to thinking of food as fuel so that my body is happier and more cooperative when I face these challenges. I’ll probably write more on that later, because there’s a lot of words on this topic in my brain, too much for one bullet point.
  • Diet Coke. I’ve cut back drastically in the last few months, but Diet Coke is still very much a thing in my life. And while I am proud for cutting back, it’s still not something I should be taking part of EVERY DAY. E quit drinking it all together recently and he was/is just as addicted as I am. This kinda motivated me to re-focus on that and not just stop at “cutting back”. I’m going to try to gradually shift my “1-2 a day” to “2-3 a week” and then maybe go from there.
  • GO OUTSIDE. I’m going to try to stay outside for a little bit of every day that the weather cooperates. We have become SUCH an “inside” culture and I’ve become so in touch with my love of the outdoors through trail running this year, that I really want to foster that more. I read on the front yard on Sunday. That kind of thing. Just taking at least an hour to be OUTSIDE. I can use the WiFi in the downtown park if I need, or even sit close enough to my own house to access mine. It doesn’t have to be me outside just SITTING there, I can be PRODUCTIVE too!

What about you? Do you have any plans for this month? Or is winter still holding onto your life too much to think about Spring?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring In SO MANY WAYS.”

  1. Still am indebted to you for your great Bullet Journal insight! Quick question: have you ever tried using squared paper, or have you used lines the whole time? I’m debating …

  2. Your goals are so cool, and it’s neat to do them in spring v. winter. You inspired me to do more trails, though in Houson they aren’t as challenging. We do have them, it’s jus that the dirt bikers also use the ones in Memorial Park.

    OOOOOHHHH. I meant to ask, you never seem to use an ipod. How in heck do you run so far with no music? I would just give up. I can run much farther, with a better attitude, if I have a book or music.

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