2:30am is a good time to wake up, right?


I got up around 2:30am to fine-tune these some more and to provide other options based on other suggestions from you guys. (Heather – is “one breath at a time” good for the “om” one? You’re the yogi!) I woke up excited which means I’m on the right track. I never got the original tattoo because something seemed off to me about it. Now that I’ve fine-tuned this one I think my problems with the original were:

1) the font. The “r” was too “2nd grade handwriting textbook” to me and
2) the balance. I felt like the words on one side weighed wrong for me for some reason.

And since the “one mile at a time” is my personal mantra – to the extent that I have it on a custom necklace – I thought I’d try adding that in. And…now I’m excited! No handwriting textbook “r” and a balance of words! Win/Win!

Of course, I still have NO idea what to do with it. I mean, obviously my goal is to sell stuff with the graphic on it, but I’m not sure about using places like Cafepress because I’m worried about not “owning” my graphic. Also, my MAIN goal is to make running shirts with the logo, and you can’t do that on CafePress. They don’t do tech shirts. I’m looking to talk to someone that our local running group used for their first batch of shirts. They weren’t as high quality as Brooks or Nike or something, but they were decent tech shirts and I think they were affordable. I ran in mine several times for 2 hours or more with no problem. Since my graphic is one color, then cost should be minimal. But what about coffee cups? Or water bottles? If my goal is to raise money for a running trip, then I need to – you know – make money, so I’ve got like four more days to hash out a plan. (That’s when registration opens on the race I want to do which is FAR AWAY and also EXPENSIVE for someone who does local/small scale races like 50Ks that cost 30 bucks.)

Anyway! Thanks for helping me out! Anymore suggestions or critiques? Have you raised money for non-charitable causes before? I mean, this is basically me selling stuff to take a running trip. This is not me selling stuff to save the world. So, you know, I don’t want to glamorize it. I just really want to take this trip and we have no money for a family vacation, much less a personal trip across the country the week before my husband’s Ironman.

(But damn if I don’t hate watermarking. Why do people have to be careless about finding graphics on the internet to sell in their Etsy shops? I mean, I was FLATTERED when people got the tattoo, but when they started trying to make money off of it? BLERG.)

(Not to be confused with BLERCH, obviously.)

(See what I did there?)

(Once again! Parentheticals! The finger-quotes of the blogging world! Over-used and mostly unnecessary!)

10 thoughts on “2:30am is a good time to wake up, right?”

  1. Now it might just be me, but the ‘r’ in run seems smaller than the ‘u’ and the ‘n’. Is it supposed to be that way?

  2. LOVE this…. It looks much more balanced now and if “one mile at a time” is your personal thing, it’s PERFECT.

  3. I absolutely LOVE it! If you would would create one that said Walk…One Mile At A Time, I would totally buy it. Becasue of two back surgeries I am totally forbidden to run or engage ini any high impact activities, so I walk. A LOT. I would buy a shirt with that logo and the walk wording.

  4. I REALLY want to do this race too but yeah, too far away and too expensive 🙁

  5. Try zazzle.com for running shirts – I’m in a fitness group that has shirts there and they are great! Also, if you do make it out to Seattle let me know – I could hook you up with a couch and a ride out to the race. I’ve been reading your blog for nearly 10 years, so that makes us totally best friends, right? 🙂

  6. First, love the new one (but I loved the original also). And since you DID create both, I don’t think you should have any qualms about selling them and making money.

    Second, Carnation is like 10 minutes away from me, so you should totally travel all that way for a race. (But, ummm, could you have them change the date so that it’s not on my anniversary? I’m not sure my husband would understand me abandoning him to watch my favorite blogger run a race…) If you do decide to go, and need anything (ride from the airport, advice on where to stay, etc.), let me know. I’ll try to not be all fan-girl on you, but having been a daily reader for years, that may be difficult.

  7. I would also totally want to hang out with you if you come up for the race! (I live on Vancouver Island, but still, going to Seattle’s not all that hard from here!)

  8. I love the om one, it’s perfect! I second the idea if checking out zazzle or cafepress or customink. I think customink is the cheapest for shoppers and I know the quality us good but it might mean less profit for you so I’d check them all and compare! In any case, let md know when they’re up and I’ll so buy something!

  9. I agree with Kim Q. I didn’t notice at first but then when you discussed the r that jumped out at me. Otherwise? Brilliant!

  10. What about contacting the schools and seeing who they use for tshirts? Maybe a local trophy shop?

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