Crowdsourcing FTW


So! Remember when I designed a tattoo, never got it, but other people did and then some people sold my graphic in an etsy shop?

That was weird!

Well, I’ve been thinking about redoing that graphic and, you know, TAKING CARE OF IT this time so no one steals it and sells it in their Etsy shop! (In her defense, I never watermarked it or sourced it. I just stuck it on Pinterest as a placeholder. I didn’t realize other people would like it.) And then yesterday I had an idea to do a race that would be AWESOME and FUN and GREAT BLOGGING MATERIAL but would cost me lots of money to do.

So! Why not recreate the graphic, fine-tune it a bit, and then sell stuff with it as a fundraiser? Or something? GENIUS, right?

Except I am having trouble deciding if I like ANY of the new ones better than the old one.

My first attempt I threw up on Instagram last night and compared it with the “original” –


The top one is the original that – technically is my design – but since it’s not been sourced or anything online and people are using it in their Etsy shops, I feel kinda weird using it. The bottom one was my first attempt to re-do it. I decided I liked the idea of the “run” at the top better, like someone pointed out, it’s like running up a hill!

But I still wasn’t too sold on it.

This is my latest attempt:


(Trying to watermark this one – FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.)

I like it better than the first attempt I put on instagram, but I’m still not sure if I like it better than the original. Part of me thinks I’ll never like ANYTHING better than the original, so does it matter? I keep reminding myself that I didn’t really LOVE the original (which is why I hadn’t gotten the tattoo yet, something was off about it to me) – it’s just that now that it’s kinda hard to use, I somehow have built it up to be more awesome than I thought it was originally.

I think, if I remove the fact that the first one has been bogarted and put on Etsy, then I like the most recent one best. If I remove the “can’t use” factor that makes the first one so appealing, then I think I like the last one better.

I’m not a graphics person by any means. I can use Photoshop, I have the SKILL, but no actually talent or vision, so I’m crowdsourcing.

If I were going to try to sell stuff with this logo on it to raise money for a running adventure in Seattle, WA – which one would you be more likely to purchase?

(Also – haven’t hashed out this fundraiser yet. Just know that this graphic will be used as some sort of incentive – either in the means of purchasing or as a reward. This is still VERY early in the planning stages.)

(But also I don’t have much time. I have to decide by the 24th if I want to even attempt this, so I need to decide SOON.)

(Parentheticals are the finger quotes of blogging.)



I took some comments to heart and played around some more and this is my latest attempt. I also posted it as a “reply” to every comment because GOD FORBID you guys not see it. I KNOW I AM A BIG DORK.


30 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing FTW”

  1. You’re getting there! Love where it is headed! The only thing I don’t like about the latest design is that there is a dip between the ‘n’ and the infinity, it’s not a smooth transition like between the infinity and the ‘r’ . (Does that make sense?) that dip throws off the flow, I think.

  2. Just my opinion – I see the word “nun” in your latest version. I vote for the original.

  3. I love the design. I’m not a runner anymore so I wouldn’t buy that one (though I think a lot of people would) but I think you could make more money if you offered more than one word. Yogi wannabes like me would totally buy “om” or some other yoga word. Then again that means more work for you, so maybe not… I know there are a ton of runners out there

  4. I love the thinner infinity symbol on the most recent one much better than any on the others. I still like the font of the second one the best.

  5. Personally, I like the original and it’s really your design so I wouldn’t feel back about ‘stealing’ it back and using it however you want.

  6. Hmm. I like the original better as well but I do understand that it feels weird to use it now. I’d use it if it were for you or a tattoo on yourself, but not for a fundraising thing. I wonder about putting the text on the lower left? Maybe I’m missing an obvious negative, but it seems like on the left it’s on an upstroke, running up hill, running off to infinity…

  7. I’m drawn to your first attempt more than the second (though you’re right, the original is hard to forget) I see a ‘road’ in the thicker lines of the first (re-do) graphic, and love the idea of it ‘climbing’ that was suggested. Something about the loop in the R is throwing me off though- maybe a different font?

    The second, with its thinner lines and font don’t really speak to me the same way.

    I like the idea of a fundraiser, if you can get the details worked out

    Go Zoot!

  8. I prefer the fatter lines and shorter infinity sign. I also keep reading “run” as “nun” in the last one, so maybe a different font?

    A fundraiser sounds awesome. : )

  9. I know nothing about graphic design, so I am no help with that at all, but Yay! you’re thinking of coming to the Pacific Northwest – how can I help get you here!

  10. i truly go back and forth between the original and the next one…the last skinny one just didn’t speak to me as much. i also wonder about the run being uphill on the bottom left? i have zero idea how that would look, but i like how it keeps the running uphill concept.

    but really, long story short, I DO NOT CARE WHICH ONE…I JUST CARE THAT THE FINAL ONE CHOSEN GETS YOU HERE TO ME!!! no pressure. 🙂

  11. Love. LOVE! One possible change would be to change “one mile at a time” to “one step at a time” because to some people, even one mile is intimidating. Regardless, I like it, I’d buy it, I’d wear it, whatev. 🙂

  12. LOVE the latest one!! All of the previous ones, I wasn’t terribly fond of since I am new to running and still don’t consider myself a true runner. I would love the most recent one as it stills says, “I run”, while not saying “running is my life”! Maybe I am totally crazy…

  13. Love the imagery: Looks like a shoe, run one mile at a time, repeat. Excellent message. I’d buy that (officially licensed ms. zoot) T-shirt.

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