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Let’s Talk About Style.

(Does that title make you worry you’re in the wrong place?)


I went to Catholic school for 12 years. I wore a uniform every day. The non-uniform clothes I owned were minimal as I was raised by a man who felt like clothing was a necessity and therefore you should only own what you needed. I used to get picked on at my summer day care because I didn’t have enough clothes to vary my wardrobe for five days a week. I always had to repeat something at least once. And when I tried to get Dad to buy me things that were “in style” we only shopped at a handful of places so “in style” was never quite on target.

So! When I got to college I was determined to create some sort of style to call my own. I basically tried to emulate the people I hung out with, buying what they bought and wearing what they wore. However, I hung out with a lot of people who had already solidified their own style and I was basically mixing and matching things from all across the board. Some days I sported the flowing skirt and tie-dye of my deadhead friends. Other days I wore fishnets and Doc Martens like my punk friends.

I didn’t really understand shopping for several years either. Periodically my Dad would say, “Take the emergency credit card and spend $100 on clothes.” I remember the first time he did that I didn’t really know where to shop. I had only bought clothes in a few stores – Goody’s and The Limited. Goody’s because it was affordable and near our home. The Limited because that was where all of the “in style” items of the time were sold. Well, Huntsville (where I went to school) didn’t have a Goody’s so I went to The Limited where $100 barely bought me anything.

I mainly shopped at the “Head Shops” where things are SUPER expensive even though they’re SUPER beat up because they preyed on people like me. People who wanted to look the part but didn’t really know how to shop or buy the clothes.

I also still would constantly see people around campus who had a distinct style and I’d get a little jealous that my wardrobe and look was such a hodgepodge of miscellany. I went through what I call the North Face phase in my early twenties where I alternated my Deadhead and Punk days with days where I work hiking pants, North Face t-shirts and Vasque boots. I liked being outdoors, I liked hiking, but I most importantly, saw a girl wearing those type of clothes one time and she was totally cute so I stole her look.

I was basically the impressionable 14-year old as a senior in college. All of my outfits represented a part of me, but put together it never seemed like a closet that belonged to one person.

This is the downside of the uniform. You don’t get the weird style-implementation out of your system in grade school so you go through a REALLY awkward phase in college.

So, by the time I graduated from college I had rotations of Hippy/Goth/Punk/Hiker Chic looks that I would sport on any given day. I was the most schizophrenic dresser in the history of man.

I think about that a lot now, as I’m much more confident in my “look”. Granted, that look is mostly running clothes and blue jeans, but still…I just don’t stress about it anymore. I don’t worry about whether or not I fit some sort of pattern. I tend to buy all of my clothes at Target (except for my running gear) and I just pick simple and plain with the periodic “conversation piece” to jazz things up. I grab some fads as they go by, if I like them and if I think they’ll last more than a year, but most I just like from afar. I don’t have a huge clothing budget, so I still shop mostly out of necessity than anything. I’ve basically come full circle. I am now the same girl I was in elementary school, wearing the same items of clothing 2 days in the same week.

I just care a lot less about it now.

What about you? Did you go through any style phases in your youth? Were you settled into a “look” by the time you got to college or did you still experiment with your style like I did?

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  1. I mostly dress for comfort, and because I am overweight, I tend to dress to disguise myself a bit. I am pretty solidly in the jeans/t-shirt/cardigan camp, and I do vary my shoes quite a bit. I wear scrubs to work, so I don’t have a real reason to dress up ever. And on days that I work out and don’t have anything else to do, I may or may not just stay in whatever clothes I wore to the gym.

  2. i work from home, so my default uniform is pj’s. it’s kind of embarrassing. if i have to run errands, i reluctantly get into jeans so it looks like i care a tiny bit, but the moment i’m in the door, off they come, and on come the pj’s. in high school i was a “prep”, and followed the trends: rolled jeans, desert boots, big hair, and items from benetton and esprit. in university everyone was in the kurt cobain phase, so it was dad’s long sleeve button downs and baggy jeans and my fake docs that i just loved to pieces because i was too cheap to buy the real thing. if i’m not in my pj’s and we go out, i try to wear a statement piece: necklace, trendy top, earrings, bracelet, etc but basically my wardrobe is pretty standard. at this point in life, i think it’s more important to splurge on the classics and be thrifty with things that are more trendy/fleeting. thankfully pj’s never go out of style! 😉

  3. I’m pretty much a jeans and nice top person–sometimes t-shirts, sometimes other knit shirts. It took me a long time to find my style. I learned a lot by watching “What Not to Wear.” I would try to follow the trends then I started paying attention to that show and learning what would fit my body type and how to accentuate what I have (I’m curvy). I have gained about 10lbs this winter but I had several people ask me if I’ve lost weight this month. Nope, I just bought jeans that fit better LOL

  4. oh and I went through a lot of phases in high school. I grew up in the late 80s in west Texas. One day I was dressed in cowboy clothes, the next day in acid washed jeans and polos, the next day in OP shirts. In college, I kind of settled into the prep style.

  5. ok, i had just typed out lines, lines, and more lines of my reply b/c this post was awesome, i totally related and so much to say, etc… it was super witty, and i was actually going to forward the whole thing b/c kristie and i have had this convo a million times due to growing up going to keswick.

    then i lost it all for no apparent reason. bah.

    so, now i’m just gonna say i love this post…and i relate. 🙂

  6. “This is the downside of the uniform. You don’t get the weird style-implementation out of your system in grade school so you go through a REALLY awkward phase in college.”

    SO MUCH THIS. Thank God for TLC’s What Not to Wear because it at least taught me the rules everyone else was playing by.

  7. I went to catholic school and had the uniform which I LOVED because it took all the drama out of mornings…. there was zero stress about getting ready for school…unlike my public high school *sigh* I still have no real style and for the most part I honestly don’t care. There are only a handful of times when I have wardrobe regrets and if I actually tried to plan, I could probably eliminate those by shopping for those particular events… but since I hate shopping, I mean HATE shopping I rarely ever do.

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