Can You Run a 12-Minute Mile? Can You Walk For Two Hours? Do You Want To Help Me Run 50 Miles?

Hi. In two weeks I’m making my first ever attempt at running 50 miles. I’m doing it at the Delano Park 12-hour run in Decatur, Alabama. I set my sights on this race last year, thinking I couldn’t manage more than 40 miles. I made it to 40 in about 10 hours and then decided, since I reached my goal, I was D-U-N. I managed 43 walking and waiting on my family, but didn’t feel like doing more once I made it to my goal.

This year I’m doing things different. I’d like to make it the full 12-hours (Goal #1) and I’m hoping to do 50 miles in that 12 hours (Goal #2).

Anytime after 12 noon (6 hours in to the race) people can come run with you. SO!

My goal is to try to do a 50K before that 6 hours is up. I’ve done a 50K in 6:18 before, a hilly one, and this course is flat, so I think I can do 31 miles in 6 hours. No problem.

That’s the FIRST part of my plan.

The SECOND part is to then hold a 12-minute mile pace for the next 4 hours. This means I should be done with my 50 miles in 10 hours. I can ONLY do this if people run with me. I’m looking for friends who A) Need a long run B) Don’t mind driving out to Decatur to do it (on a soft and flat surface) and C) Can hang with a 12-minute mile pace.

I need this for four hours, so I’m hoping a few people need long runs that day and can join me.

THEN! I need someone to come out at 4pm and walk with me for two hours. This will be the HARDEST two hours because I will want to stop SO BAD. But since Goal #1 is to make it the full 12 hours, I want to make sure I do that. And hopefully, I’ll have either already done the 50 miles, or I’ll be close enough that I can walk the last 2 hours and make it to 50.

So! Any takers? Anyone want a long run/walk on a VERY soft almost all flat surface? I’ll reward you with hugs and maybe kisses.

TWO WEEKS. I’m giving you plenty of time to plan your long run/walk around my schedule. LIKE THE GOOD FRIEND I AM.

9 thoughts on “Can You Run a 12-Minute Mile? Can You Walk For Two Hours? Do You Want To Help Me Run 50 Miles?”

  1. Oh man, I’d so help you come do the last walking bit, but I’m in Minnesota!! If you ever find yourself up here in the twin cities area, make sure you post about it!!

  2. We’ve never even met, but if I didn’t live in Colorado, I would be there in a heartbeat! It’s because of you that I sacked up (ovaried up?) and signed up for my first half marathon–I’ll be running the Canyonlands 1/2 in Moab the week after your race!

    I had my first running-related social gaffe last week–went into the local running store (after my long run, still in my running clothes so I’d feel like I belonged) and confidently asked the first salesperson I saw for Astroglide. I knew as soon as the word left my mouth that I’d made a huge error, but it was too late! Sadly, the floor did NOT open up under me and swallow me whole, but the salesperson just laughed and said people call it that all the time & led me over to the Bodyglide. I really shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.

  3. I would love to walk or run with you. Sadly the distance nl usa is a bit of a barrier.

  4. You are a big reason why I got into running. I am currently training for a 10k which is bc of a big influence from you. I wish I lived closer to you to help run/walk!!! {hugs}

  5. If only this was closer to me! Then again, if it was happening in Illinois it’d be a snowy slog of a run and I’m not sure I could convince myself! Such an inspiration!

  6. I live 1000 miles away from you, but if I were anywhere near, I’d be there! I have an uncanny ability to stick to a 12-minute mile no matter what the conditions, or how hard or soft I’ve trained. We have a great running community here in my town, but no trails, and you make your town sound like so much fun. I’d love to come join in some time.

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