Snot-Filled Update.


I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week. I’ve got your typical cold, coughing and sneezing and just general shittiness. Nothing major or unsettling, just the general winter-time funk.

BUT MAN, if something simple as a cold doesn’t just throw you off, right? It messes with your sleep (can’t rest for more than an hour without a coughing fit) which then messes with your mood and you basically become a whiny unproductive mess of tissues and cough drops.

Or is that just me?

On a related note: I’ve been giving Hulu shows a try and I started one called “Survivors” which I guess is about a flu pandemic that kills everyone but a few and it’s cracking me up because I’m sick so I find myself thinking “OH MY GOD, IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END?” But the characters on the show have obviously NEVER seen any movie/TV show or read any book about global pandemics because NONE of them are behaving logically.

This doctor? Totally leaves the hospital (everyone is dead but her) and doesn’t take ANY medicine with her. Nothing! No bandages no antibiotics. They even show her having a mental breakdown in a closet full of pills, she almost kills herself, but she leaves with NOTHING.

And then, this lady in the suburbs, her husband dies (like everyone else does) and what does she do? Burns his body. WHY? Why not just bury him? She drags him into the back yard wrapped up and everything, and then BURNS HIM.

No one seems to be looting or stealing any of the essentials. Everyone who survives just walks off into the sunset (to god knows where) with NOTHING. At least in that show where the power went out, at least they dragged wagons of supplies. It’s like these characters never watched TV or anything. JEEZUS.

The lady that burnt her dead husband? She drove off to find her son who is far away and she only brought a backpack. And her journey? Unimpeded by broken down cars. In the Zombie Apocalypse shows there are ALWAYS highways blocked with cars. Why can she travel so freely? The only time she finds a car with a dead driver is when – conveniently – her car is out of gas. So she drives their car instead.


Anyway. I’m sick. Watching what might be the dumbest show ever. (I haven’t given up yet.) And just feeling a bit shitty.

I’m hoping today is the tail end of it. I’m feeling better, more human, less like a coughing snot factory. It only lasted about three days for Donnie, but Nikki got it before me and still has the cough. Who knows with this stuff, right?

So! That’s my week! Oozing, coughing, sneezing and crappy TV. How is your week going?

4 thoughts on “Snot-Filled Update.”

  1. I have a cold too, and so does my son. When I manage to fall asleep, he usually wakes up because he can’t breathe :(.

    Survivors frustrated me because it is such an interesting premise, and I even liked some of the characters, but almost none of them ever seemed to think anything through. Now, of course, I can’t remember if she ever finds her son and that’s going to bug me!

  2. we’re sick, too…have been for a few days.

    stop watching that weird show….watch TRUE DETECTIVE! just found it yesterday and have two more episodes to be caught up….is so good! 🙂

  3. “The Stand” —the mini series version with Gary Senise–is the best ‘home sick’ TV. Very confusing and hilarious if you are hopped up on cold meds. A bit much for the 5 year old germ factory, so we opted for hours of Ninjago and MythBusters. Feel better soon.

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