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My Dearest Wesley,

This morning I attended a Valentine’s Day/Book Fair breakfast with you and your sister at your school. Being in that environment with you reminded me of one of your favorite qualities and I’m not sure I’ve every written about it.

You, my son, are what I am calling a Compulsive Greeter.

If you see someone you know, you MUST say, “Hello!” to them. It’s entertained me before as sometimes you’re quite persistent. I’ve seen you holler at your favorite teachers across the lunchroom SEVERAL times until they finally hear that you’re trying to say, “Hello!” to them. You say good morning to the teacher that helps you out of the car every day, you say hello to friends walking by the van, you say hello to teachers as you walk into school.

Just this morning, on our walk into school, you greeted parent volunteer and a member of the custodial staff, BOTH BY NAME.

I am inherently shy and introverted and get VERY nervous in social situations. However, I have learned that REALLY trying to learn people’s names and greeting them accordingly helps relax me a little. And here you come by that naturally! It’s such an easy and smooth thing for you to do and I have had to teach myself and it STILL stresses me out!

It just warms my heart so much. I’m worried this is something you’ll grow out of, as you may start to realize other children don’t do it, but I really hope you don’t. I hope you carry that trait forever because you need to understand how much it warms the hearts of others to be greeted by name, with a smile.

Especially a smile as beautiful as yours.

Love you,


4 thoughts on “My Dearest Wesley,”

  1. I love that quality. My husband knows the names of everyone in the building where we work, from the security guards to the people who water the plants, and he can easily make elevator chitchat with them about their favorite sports teams or weekend hobbies — he pays attention to them in an active, participatory way, while I simply observe and absorb in a passive way. It’s so much cozier than just thinking of someone as “the recycling guy” or “cozy sweater girl” (both actual nicknames that I have used to refer to people I see on a weekly basis, which is sort of shameful).

  2. How sweet and a sign that he feels comfortable around them (especially when addressing adults). I always love to hear “hi Kate’s mom” or “hi Mrs. H” when I’m at her school. We call my middle child The Mayor because she knows and says hi to so many kids at school.

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