Southern Flora V/S Winter Precipitation

This was supposed to start at 8am, yesterday. Our local weather people NEVER give absolutes but this time they did: 2+ inches, starting at 8am. I panicked because I needed to make a last-minute run for cough medicine for Nikki, at 7:30am. I felt like an IDIOT for panicking and rushing to get home before 8 (our roads were covered in water, so as soon as those freezing temps hit at 8, they’d be untravelable) when the snow didn’t start until 2pm. (And then I got rage-y on twitter when a local weather person got snarky towards someone expressing frustration. The arsenal closed because of the 8am declaration, so thousands of people had to use a vacation/PTO day because their offices were closed. PEOPLE WERE ALLOWED TO BE FRUSTRATED. Most places wait to close, will “delay” to see what happens, but when they give an absolute timeline everything shuts down. And then when that timeline is off by 7 hours? EVERYONE gets pissed. No one wants to lose a vacation day to rain.)

ANYWAY! It rained all day! And then it snowed. And now the snow has stopped and the colder temps are coming in. At the time I took this photo it was 32.4 degrees, I could still hear water draining down the gutters. But it’s supposed to drop several degrees before sunrise, so I’m concerned for our poor southern foliage. I know Atlanta got hit BAD with some ice, and I lived through a southern ice storm in ’96 that crippled the small town I lived in. Ice? SUCKS. And we have saturated trees and will have a few hours of freezing temps before it all warms up again.


Do you see that poor crepe myrtle? The ones in the background are doing the same thing but you don’t know what their SUPPOSED to look like. While I do. And they are NOT supposed to look like THAT. I’m hoping, if the ice isn’t too bad, then they’ll bounce back. It’s supposed to get up to 41 and be sunny today, so this stuff won’t be here tonight. I’m just crossing my fingers that the branches don’t get too heavy over the next couple of hours.

(Let’s not think about my wooded back yard. Those trees should hold up, they’re more than ornamental. But I don’t know how saturated they are, and how long they have to be frozen before they give in too.)

So. It finally came. And it’s as much as they thought it would be. Some parts of Alabama are seeing 5 inches!

We had a good snow in 2011, but it stayed below freezing for several days, so it lingered for longer than this one will. And Wes doesn’t really remember that one. So, I’m waking the kids up at 6:30 for breakfast so they can start playing before it melts. They got some decent play time in on Tuesday, but I think we’ll actually break out some rubbermaid lids or something to see if they can try to sled down our hill.

Stay safe, everyone.

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  1. I live in the south too, and don’t understand all the closing of stuff before anything happens!

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