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First? College Night. MAN. What a disaster that turned out awesome. We were in Birmingham, about 30 minutes from Montevallo Thursday night, when it started flurrying. No biggie, there wasn’t even snow in the forecast. But, I guess the weather disaster from 2 weeks ago when a “dusting” shut down the city (and closed Montevallo for a week) caused everyone to panic because after about 5 minutes of flurries we got a message from E that said: “They’re shutting down campus. It’s canceled.”

We all got VERY upset, obviously. We met E and his friends to eat and chat a bit as they waited to find out what they were going to do for the night. Basically, we ended up hanging out a bit and catching some rehearsing. And while we missed a lot of the dialog without the mics, and we didn’t get to see the Gold Side at all, and we didn’t get to see the cheering or the other pomp/circumstance…we were glad we got to see something after driving all of that way. We at least left with a basic idea of their show and enough to know we loved it and hated we weren’t going to get to see it performed.

And then! Friday night they announced that – since they had to cancel Thursday – they worked non-stop to get a setup for a live stream for Saturday night!!!! So, last night we sat around and watched EVERYTHING…Cheers/Pomp/Circumstance/Shows and they had mics (although the sound quality wasn’t superb) so it was VERY close to how we would have experienced it first-hand. We crowded in our bedroom and watched it all. And loved ever minute.

Then I put the kids to bed, dozed for a bit, woke for a bit and checked on the livestream JUST in time to seem them announce a PURPLE VICTORY! It’s been Gold for the last three years so those Purple Seniors had their hearts hanging on this result and I swear I could hear them screaming all the way in Huntsville. I’m so proud of all of them!!! And if you want to see E’s thoughts on the victory this photo sums it up beautifully.

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  1. I’m so glad you got to see it after all!! Live feed isn’t the same as in person, but how wonderful you were able to watch your son doing something he loves! This post made me grin, and so happy for you, and for E and the whole Purple Side!

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