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Homecoming…Theatre Style.

So, E goes to The University of Montevallo and they have this tradition called College Night. Here’s the Wikipedia info about it.

The oldest tradition at Montevallo is called College Night, an intramural competition between the Purple Side and the Gold Side. The tradition officially began on March 3, 1919, in honor of the school adding the name “college” to its title.

The homecoming competition consists of sports events, management of the side finances, and spirit. While these are key to the game of College Night, the primary focus is two student written, produced and performed musicals—one for each competing side.

“First designed to celebrate the introduction of a 4-year college curriculum, the early celebrations were competitions between classes. In 1921, to celebrate UM’s 25th anniversary, students divided into two teams, the Gold Side and the Purple Side.”[3] The two colors of the school, purple and gold, compete for the title of either “PV” (purple victory) or “GV” (gold victory).

The student involvement is all-inclusive: there are athletic intramurals that count for points toward victory, cheerleading competitions, signs designed and painted by students to be judged and even community efforts and fund raising drives to gain points toward a victory.

So, that student written, produced and performed musical? It opened last night and E was part of the ensemble. He’s been rehearsing crazy hours in secretive environments for WEEKS. This show was basically the reason he chose this school. And the feeling of Spirit and Pride has carried him through sleepless nights these last several weeks.

It’s a HUGE deal.

We wanted to go see the show Saturday because that’s when they judge and announce the winner (I think) and that’s when all the alumni come back and it’s evidently INSANE. But! He could only get 2 tickets (they don’t want anyone buying out huge chunks) and we needed four.

So! We’re going down there tonight.

He’s been sending me videos of the cheers and songs and the crazy insane energy surrounding all of their gatherings and it’s just the BEST. THING. EVER. They wear all purple, they flash what YOU see as a peace sign but they know as “Purple Victory” (Gold Side does the Thumbs Up – even the Facebook page for the school uses the divided logo right now), they carry around stuffed cows (their spirit animal) and tag everything with #PMFV. It’s amazing and I’m loving watching it all unfold.

I guess Gold Side has won three years in a row now. I think that’s right. Purple is hurting for a victory SO BAD and I find myself suddenly caring more about the outcome of this spirit competition than I have any sporting event in my whole life. We painted our nails purple last night, we’re bringing purple goodies, and we’re prepared to scream like maniacs for the Purple Side show.

He’s exhausted and tired and loving every second of it. It’s awesome. Here’s to a Purple Side Victory.

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  1. I wish there was some kind of social media points because we could all help him in some way 🙂 Go Purple!

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