Weird. Just Weird.

Okay – so, sometime before my first trail marathon – I designed a running tattoo. I’m not a graphic artist, but I’m good with Photoshop and it’s a very simple design. The problem was, I wasn’t sure where I wanted it. I like the idea of putting it on my foot, but I also thought about the back of my neck below my hairline so everyone behind me would see it. (Because – you know – there are SO MANY PEOPLE behind me at races.) I uploaded it to Pinterest in my “ink” board so I could show it to a few people and think about it some.

Well fast-forward to an article Runner’s World did about running tattoos. BAM! There’s my tattoo! On someone’s ankle. I uploaded this photo to Facebook comparing my graphic to the tattoo just to make sure I wasn’t crazy for thinking, “Hey! Someone got my tattoo!”


I mean, I’m not crazy. That is my design! The idea is not super complex, but it’s not something someone would just easily create on a whim and have it look IDENTICAL. They might use a different infinity sign, or a different font for the word “run”. Or they might put the word “run” in a different location. That is MY design!

I was torn between being proud someone used my design and mad someone got MY tattoo before I did!

So, I’ve been thinking about that again recently and I looked up running tattoos on Pinterest and saw my graphic pinned several times, which I guess explains how it ended up on someone skin. I mean, my pin was pinned a bunch, but then other people took that or the Runner’s World article and pinned THAT, so it’s around the interwebs now, not attached to my original upload. But then – I found this: someone on Etsy is selling vinyl of the graphic. And, you know, I don’t care at all. I don’t see anyone even buying that because it’s a weird thing to hang on your wall. And even if they did, they’re only paying like $7 for it so I swear, I’m not like “THAT MONEY SHOULD BE MINE.” I really don’t care AT ALL. I can just take out a rimelig lån.


Seeing something random I threw together in Photoshop one night, not even as a graphics person at all, show up on Etsy and on people’s skin. The other reason I hadn’t gotten the tattoo was I wasn’t 100% sold on the font. I told myself I was going to tinker a bit with the font and the infinity sign and make sure I just LOVED it before getting it. So, if I do that? I think maybe I’ll make like, a t-shirt or something on cafepress. Because, you know, I might as well make SOME money if it turns out people like the idea enough to put it on their skin or on their walls.

Just weird, you know?

8 thoughts on “Weird. Just Weird.”

  1. You should let Runners World know where the design came from! Like a letter to the editor. I think they’d be interested, just as a “rest of the story” thing.

  2. While I get that you don’t care you SHOULD be profiting from it in some way because it’s your work. I hear that you know someone that may be able to help you monetize it. You should talk to her. Ps. It’s me. Lets talk about this.

  3. That is weird. You should let Pinterest know what happened in addition to telling Runners World. They may not do anything about it but who knows. If you don’t pursue all the avenues now, it may make it more difficult for you to put your new design on a shirt later.

  4. First of all–I like your design.

    Secondly–Wow. You are more well-adjusted than me. This kind of thing is why I won’t post the recipes I’ve developed on my ice cream blog. I think it would help my traffic, but I can’t take the chance that someone would take my recipe and make money off of it when I’m not. That would drive me crazy.

  5. I love the tattoo! My sisters and I were looking at one just like that last year (only it said sister, instead of run) for all of us to get that match.

  6. When I saw The thumbnail on my reader for this post the first thing I thought is “wow, i need to pin that because it would be awesome for my running sister”. Your doodle is great!

  7. Love the design! I would totally buy a shirt (too chicken for a tattoo). 🙂

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