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Pop Culture Bullets Of Miscellany

  • I recently watched a few of the most recent episodes of Chicago Fire and why didn’t anyone tell me that some of my favorite (and the prettiest) actors are playing FIREMEN in a drama? I mean…screw the hot doctors from Grey’s Anatomy…we’re talking FIREMEN on this show. It’s also interesting some of the facets of the life of firemen, but also? FIREMEN. So, you know. You should watch it.
  • I’m also watching the HULU ORIGINAL (It’s evidently not a Hulu Original, I guess I hallucinated seeing that logo somewhere…but I am watching it on Hulu, so there’s that) show Misfits and even though it’s a little…mature…for my tastes, the concept is really original. British delinquents with super powers! I love it! But I just noticed today that the picture on HULU is actually a bunch of grown-ups. Not teenagers. So I’m super-confused now. I’m only on season 2 but still…why is the picture grown-ups? Is the current season them as grown-ups? I don’t know! And how did I just now notice this fact? Either way. Right now…I’m enjoying the show…even if it’s a bit grown-up for me.
  • I just read Hoot. I have had it on my list FOREVER and I really enjoyed it! It’s an easy read, a little more “teen fiction” than “young adult” but it was really good. I see why it’s on a lot of school reading lists. I’m always glad when I enjoy a book that’s required reading. I always HATED the required reading books as a kid, I think on principle alone. I probably would have hated Harry Potter if they had told me I HAD to read it.
  • Nikki is reading Wrinkle in Time and I think it’s as important to me that she like this as it was that she liked Harry Potter. I loved Wrinkle in Time as a kid…I read it several times…so while I loved Harry Potter as an adult, her liking this book means we might have been friends as kids. Which makes my heart happy.
  • Okay…the best for last…did you hear? We’re getting the TFioS trailer today! Here is the teaser for the trailer and I am SO EXCITED. I mean…THIS BOOK…it just made me feel all the feels and the movie has the potential to just rip my heart into a million pieces and make me GRATEFUL for it.

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  1. Misfits is not actually a Hulu Original. It is from an actual British TV network. Anyway, the picture is different because the characters come and go throughout the series. I hate to spoil like that, but just… Don’t get attached and expect 7 seasons with everyone you’re watching now. Forgive me if I really spoiled you!

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