Frack You, January

Can I use Frack? Is BSG too far in the past for that to be used? Do people get it? Do people even associate it with BSG anymore? Am I spending too much time analyzing the use of a curse-word-fill-in in the title?


Frack you, January.

I mentioned previously that we had a slew of unfortunate events around the holidays. I’m still driving a van in which I can not turn off the air-conditioning. This, my friends, SUCKS when you’re having record-low temps. I’ve had some sleep issues due to stress and ailing children. I’ve been eating horribly and running less. Basically, I’ve just bombed ALL of my attempts at making this an awesome new year. Making the first 27 days of this month suck ALL sorts of royal donkey butts. I had all three of my inboxes to ZERO the first week of the year and BAM! 150 emails total yesterday. My eating has been at MAXIMUM STRESS BINGING levels and I’m still not getting to any of my strength training workouts that I swore I’d do to get ready for my 12-hour run in 5+ weeks.

About the only thing I’m keeping organized is work but that’s what PAYS THE BILLS. It’s always easy to keep my work life in focus, no one pays me for anything else.

SO! This is the last week of January and I’m going to kick it in the balls on a Tuesday. I mean, I know Mondays, and the first day of the month, and New Year’s Day – those are always great days to get your shit together. But I heard the last Tuesday in January can be a pretty good day for a do-over too.

And maybe if I spend the last four days in January trying to get my life organize, then I can start February on better footing.

Y’all? I do this calendar for my Dad’s family every year and I’ve NOT EVEN DONE IT YET. How awful is that? I worked on it in November, but I got a slew of last-minute photos before Christmas, and I’ve just been putting off working on it until I had a large chunk of time to dedicate to it and HERE IT IS, almost February and my family has NO CALENDAR.

My Dad would be so proud.

So! Today! Getting the shit together! The last Tuesday in January! I’m going to work on my inboxes, my bullet journal, my family calendar, and my strength training. I’m going to quit looking at 2014 as an already catastrophic failure and I’m going to – instead – be grateful that I have 48 weeks left to make it AWESOMETASTIC.

I’m going to smile more. I’m going to yell less. I’m going to MAKE GOOD FOOD CHOICES and I’m going to prioritize other things besides the job that pays me. Just because the other shit doesn’t put heat in my van, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it attention. Baby steps. Maybe not all three inboxes to zero today, but maybe under 50! I may not squeeze in a run AND a strength workout but maybe at least one of the two? And maybe at least work on the calendar a bit? Not finish it – but log in an hour or so? BABY STEPS.

So…Frack You 27 days of January! But Thank God for the 28th day! I hear it’s the best day to re-do your resolutions anyway. Screw the 1st, it’s so cliché.

14 thoughts on “Frack You, January”

  1. Do you need a Cher slap? *SLAP* Snap out of it!

    You will have a fantastic day, and you will get yourself back on track, I am sure of this. Have a great one, and I look forward to hearing all about everything you accomplish today, and how great that makes you feel.

  2. I use frack all the time, especially in front of the kids. And I think the weather just makes everything worse right now. And slower. I think everything is going slower. I have a litany of complaints right now as well, but I like you can-do attitude and will pick up where I need to.

  3. Yes yes yes, you can use frack. BSG is on Netflix which means there’s no expiration or age limit on who will understand it anymore. And I actually I just started watching it from the beginning this past weekend (I’ve never seen it all in order) so… good timing on that question. People still know what Frack means.

    When I get crazy stressed, I try to take ONE WHOLE DAY OFF from EVERYTHING. I don’t have kids, so I don’t have any particular strategies for how that might work for you. But seriously. Everything. From cooking, running, doing laundry, working. Sit. be bored. Let your brain rest. Then you can go out and conquer 🙂

  4. I am giving you an air-five right now. I am with you I have also had a shaky start to the year and detest January in general, but am now ready to DESTROY this Tuesday (in a good way).

  5. Let’s kick Febuary’s ass! I am with you! Have you used a kettle bell for strength training at all. I really like mine!

  6. It is NEVER too late to use ‘frack’! Hope today goes well for you. By starting now you will have a head start on February!

  7. My life has gotten a little complicated and sad this month. I can’t find the motivation to do much of anything (and since no one pays me for any of it…) that doesn’t involve a cup of tea and a book. But – I’ve flu d that you can get a lot one in 20 minutes. I literally set an alarm and tell myself I just have to work on the task or twenty minutes, then I can wallow awhile. Twenty minutes isn’t so overwhelming, but twenty minutes here and there really adds up.

  8. I am three episodes away from finishing BSG for the first time (much to my BSG-loving- husband’s delight,) so I completely understand (and completely agree) with your use of frack.

  9. You know, I really think it’s just something in the stars right now, because the last four weeks have been kicking the crap out of everybody I know. Seriously. Everywhere I look it’s just a log-jam of financial/health/emotional bs making me and all my favorite people cry.

    Having said that, I’m with you. I can’t just sit back and let 2014 suck. I’m ready to kick this week/month/year in the balls, right with ya! Let’s go, sister!

    ps. I say FRACK all the time. My favorite curse word.

    pps. I made a calendar for my parents and in-laws in 2008, then got pregnant and had a second kid and now I’m six years behind on calendars. You kick so much ass, and you don’t even know it!

  10. Hmm. Karma? Didn’t you write about a vehicle with no AC? and Boob sweat? So now you have all the AC? heh.

  11. Finally commenting after YEARS of lurking… Yes! Say frack and know that it’s back in airtime on Helix, which is from the producers of BSG. I’m loving that show and about fell out of my seat when I heard them say frack.

    Thank goodness it’s February, I think January sucked for everyone…

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