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As all of my kids get older I have stopped documenting their lives as much over here on this blog. Partly because I never want them to HATE this place, and partly because I have a lot more going on now, outside of being a Mom, which is much easier to write about.

But a side effect of this, and seemingly of my own recent hatred of my face/body, I HAVE BEEN TAKING A HELL OF A LOT OF PET PHOTOS.

I am that woman, now. Who posts crappy blurry cell phone photos of her kids on Facebook, but breaks out the real camera and takes advantage of natural light to photograph the animals in her life.

Although – the animals never sass me – and my kids have developed all SORTS of shitty attitudes lately. So that doesn’t help either.

Anyway! To prove to you my weird new photography habits. I haven’t broken out the real camera in a long time, and when I do? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE QUADRAPEDS.



This is Milo. He belongs to my in-laws. The only Boston Terrier in the family now (there used to be four) so he get’s spoiled by EVERYONE. Including us.



4 thoughts on “Zoot’s Zoo”

  1. you will NEVER hear me complain about all the pet photos! i love those sweet babies of yours and, of course, want to steal milo! i have the same issue. if it wouldn’t make me look like crazy dog lady that is more enamored with the them then the humans in my family? i’d be doing it ALL DAY!

  2. I swear we have twin cats. We have a grey cat with green eyes and a tortoise shell tabby. Our other baby is chocolate lab who thinks she is a tiny puppy who wants to snuggle in your lap–she is over 50 lbs now.

  3. LOVE because I don’t hae 2 footed kidos. TELL US MORE!!!!!!!!

    And also, running is great and you look so happy – like in the gif you posted. Thanks for that. I try to smile at people when I run because I hear the “runners never smile” thing from friends and strangers. It makes me happy that you post happy pics of running. (Even if it is admittedly hard to get out every time it’s planned)

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