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UP. and DOWN. and UP. and DOWN.

I’m pretty active and fit, right?

Well…not this week. Just as an aside, I’m in a slump. I don’t want to do the 14 millionth “I’m Feeling Down!” entry chronicling it, so just know I’m in a slump. I haven’t run or done ANYTHING since Sunday. Except binge eat. It’s been awesome.

But! Before that! Active and fit? RIGHT?

Then why do I find my stairs SUCH a cumbersome thing to traverse? I might have to replace them at somewhere like Pear Stairs to something more accustomed to my tastes and preferences!

I’m telling you…spend the majority of my day trying to get out of going up my stairs.

Here’s what’s upstairs in my house: The kid’s rooms and playroom, the “Man Room” with the couches and big TV, and the bathroom that I like to use.

So! I don’t really have to go upstairs a lot of the time. But when I don’t? Things get ugly because Donnie doesn’t go upstairs either. Leaving the entire second floor to the kids without an adult means that every 72 hours looks like a tornado hit it.

Which – for the record? Inspires me to go up the stairs EVEN LESS.

My fear of traversing the stairs got so ridiculous, I was tempted to install a stair lift in order to cope!!! (Check out Terry Lifts if you are interested!)

I don’t know what my problem is. I honestly look at those few stairs like it’s a CHORE. Like some people do when they look at running a mile. This morning I needed to put the clothes up for the kids and I literally thought But there’s so many stairs!

I ran 31 miles a few weeks ago and I look at the stairs in my house like they’re damn EVEREST.

So! This morning I thought about how ridiculous that is and I said to myself, “SCREW THE STAIRS! If something needs to go up or down I’m doing it IN THAT SECOND. No more piling stuff up for that ONE daily trip up the stairs…I’m going NOW!”

(Seriously. I’ll pile stuff up for DAYS at the bottom of the stairs JUST to avoid going up them even once. Then I’ll make the kids do it when the pile gets too big.)

But not today! Today I was going to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY! I’ve been up and down the stairs about 5 times ALREADY this morning. I usually do it once a day…TOPS. And you know what’s funny? I’m not even sore! Or tired! As much as I’ve built up the terror of those damn stairs…you’d think I’d not have made it 5 times!

Anyone else have stairs and dread them as much as I do? Anyone else find this completely irrational?

6 thoughts on “UP. and DOWN. and UP. and DOWN.”

  1. After my divorce, I moved out of a ranch-style house and on to the third floor of an apartment building. Therefore, if I leave my apartment during the day, I am required to climb some stairs when I come home, and I also have to go up and down the stairs to take my dog outside. Sometimes, I think that I cannot do it one more time, and I try to come up with some elaborate scheme not to have to use the stairs (spoiler alert: no such scheme exists). Yes, it’s irrational. Yes, it feels real. Way to conquer those stairs though!

  2. Ha, Kim. We’ve always had stairs (Huntsville house had 2 – back and front!). I have a basket to put things in for trips up and down. Now in 2014 I’ve resolved to get that teeny bit of exercise in and I do the stairs as often as I have to. Because I got a Fitbit Force for Christmas and it counts stairs! Kind of expensive motivation, but motivation nonetheless.

  3. I don’t have stairs in my current home, but I do have a box in my office for recycling because it seems “too far” to walk the additional 13 feet to the recycle bin outside on the front porch.

  4. We have stairs in our house and I will do anything to avoid going up them. It’s totally irrational and It makes my husband crazy (he is so not a fan of the pile at the bottom of the stairs)– “You run 5 miles without even thinking about it. Why can you not go up one flight of stairs????” Every once in awhile I go through phases where I try to think of it as exercise and go up each time I need something. That never lasts very long.

  5. I live in a 4 level split do my stairs are little so now in my mind stairs are no big deal. At my childhood home we had big big old stairs I used to dread but over Christmas fit bit told me I did those stairs 16+ x a day. However in college there was a big hill between me and the dining hall and even though I ran a 17m XC 5k I would starve rather then do that hill….

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