The high today is 43 degrees! 43! Bring on the swim suits!

We had a power outage yesterday and everyone here was saying that if your power goes out, turn of your heat unit so that when everything comes back on it doesn’t blow the system. Our downstairs unit was already failing miserably, leaving the interior temp at a balmy 51. The upstairs was working better, but still…brrrrrr. I turned off the units, grabbed my laptop, and headed to a coffee shop to work.

I was there for a bit over 2 hours and when I came back home the downstairs was 46 degrees! 46! That’s only 3 degrees higher than the temps are supposed to get today! But it was 26 degrees higher than the highs yesterday, so, I guess I should have been grateful?

And of course the van has a stubborn a/c that won’t turn off so I couldn’t even seek refuge on any commute. IT IS COLD EVERYWHERE IN MY LIFE.

But today? Today I get to “warm up” and I am SO excited! Finally! Temps above freezing! I think I’m going to get groceries just because I can actually tolerate the 4-mile drive to Target.

Hope all of you guys are staying warm. I think most of us are finally getting a reprieve today from Mother Nature. But if you’re not – if you’re still freezing – I’m sorry. I won’t take my 43 degrees for granted today.

3 thoughts on “43!”

  1. I am pretty excited that our high is going to be 26 today! Even though we are used to a real winter in Pennsylvania, it rarely gets as cold as it did this week. I am looking forward to some more seasonably cold temperatures.

  2. I’m excited it’s warm enough for me to leave the house! And that our county has finally reopened! I had to look at my phone to figure out what day it was because they had all blended together into snow, netflix, and sewing. Oye. Be gone winter!

  3. Is there a fuse under the hood that you can pull out to disable the AC? I had a car with a little fuse box, and the AC fuse would blow all the time, leaving me with no AC. You kind of have the opposite problem, but it’s worth a look, if you haven’t already.

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