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My Coworkers Don’t Know Their Boundaries.


When I first started working from home it took me several months to settle into the “office” I have now. I couldn’t depend on the previously defined office – the actual small room with a door – because the layout of the house made that the worst spot to connect to the WiFi. And while Donnie tried several different solutions, we just couldn’t make it work with the signal coming from the street being what it is. So, I turned my Sitting Room into my Office. It’s just an open room right off the foyer and it’s always been my room in that it’s got my decor in it, but it was just a room that before had some pretty chairs and my pretty books and teacups. After some shuffling I moved my desk into that room and set up shop there. I’ve been working in that room for months. I kept one of my pretty chairs at my desk and moved the rest upstairs.

But then we dogsat Milo, my in-law’s Boston Terrier which you’ve seen if you follow me in Instagram. And evidently he sits on the back of my father-in-law’s chair at his desk at their house. It took him no time at all to find the same spot in our house, which I documented because it was so hysterical. He would just peak up behind my back while I worked.

However, it caused my animals to think they should be doing the same thing! It started with my cat, Bambi curling up there. But then Sweetie would try too. Eventually Bambi would punch Sweetie if he saw her there so he could have the spot, claiming it as his own. As bad as I felt for Sweetie, I didn’t mind this because, while I do sit forward on my chair naturally…my ass needs at least a couple of inches of space. Sweetie is not a large dog, but she is larger than my rear end so fitting both on my chair was difficult. I didn’t mind when Bambi would kick her out. Of course, the next time Milo came to visit? Bambi would NOT let him have the spot. It’s like that damn cat was thinking, I know this spot was first yours, but I’m in charge here so it’s now mine.

When I brought the other chair down Thursday to ice my shins, a wonderful solution presented itself. Now, Sweetie gets one chair while Bambi can have the other. Which leaves me plenty of room for my ass and two happy pets.

And I’ll sidle my Chiropractic bills with Milo, since he’s the one that started it all.

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  1. Great solution! And may I play my own version of Pollyanna’s “glad game” here and say that you can be glad the extra chair is for an animal and not because you need one for each butt cheek?

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