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Subscribe for Goose.

Y’all – the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to was Grace Helbig. She’s smart and funny and kind and just all around a great presence on the web. I love her dearly. But for complicated business-y reasons that really aren’t my business whatsoever and entirely her business – she is having to start ALL OVER on your YouTube channel. Hank Green writes about it here and Tyler Oakley added his support here. She is not pandering for attention over this debacle, she’s too classy for that. But, basically she spent 3+ years building a channel and a community and it is all gone now. She went from 2.5 million subscribers to 157,000 at the time of this writing.

So, will you PLEASE do me a favor? Go here and subscribe to her new channel. Please? Even if you don’t normally watch YouTube stuff. Do this for the general good of content creators everywhere. This is a chance for the interwebs to rally behind someone who is not asking to be rallied behind. She knew the situation from the start, the potential for damage, and now she’s trying to start over. She is too valuable of a presence, too valuable of a positive influence for women online and in comedy, too valuable as a content creator – to not show support for her.

I just love her and her voice and her humor and she always makes me smile. I want her community to follow her to this new home because she has earned that. This is kinda unprecedented, to be honest, and you should subscribe for no other reason but to see if someone can start over and succeed in this fashion.

Also y’all? Her dog, Goose, is TOTES ADORBS. Subscribe for the dog.


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  1. So, I basically don’t understand the business bit of this at all. BUT, if Grace has to start over, then she should know that her subscribers are behind her. Since I’m one of those, I’m glad to see you are too, and to know that people are following her. (Thanks for the heads up!)

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