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It’s Time To Get Personal.

I know it’s New Year’s Day but I’m kinda done talking about 2013 and resolutions and the hopes and dreams for 2014. I even “ruined” my 5000th entry moment today by writing it in reflection of my running community in Huntsville last night. (I put “ruined” in quotes because I actually found it fitting that I did that since I was just recently talking about how I’ve been blogging like a maniac lately…I AM OUT OF CONTROL.) Instead, I’d like to talk about something much more important to our world.

Boob chafing.

It’s the new boob sweat, you know.

SIDENOTE: For those of you who weren’t around the two summers I drove a car in Alabama without air conditioning, just know this: I talked a LOT about boob sweat. I even took pictures of my clothes showing the fantastic patterns left behind by the boob sweat on the commute home. Made even MORE interesting the one summer I was pregnant with Nikki. Take all of the entries now that I write about running? And replace them with entries about boob sweat. That’s what you missed.

But it’s winter and I haven’t lived without air conditioning in my car for 5 years. (I currently don’t have dependable heat in one car though – but that’s an entry for another day.) So boob sweat is not on my mind.

However, with all of the running I do? I can’t stop thinking about boob chafing.

Here’s the thing, if you run more than…let’s say two hours…you sweat and your clothes rub in repeated ways and depending on fabrics and fit it can rub those areas raw. Everyone is prone to chafe in different spots due to their own wardrobe and their own body. You do all you can to prevent it with the clothes you buy, but most of us have those areas that are going to chafe anyway so we all have our favorite products we use to prevent that.

For me, I don’t have any long running gear (pants or capris) that don’t bunch up in the crotch area a bit. Therefore, I can’t use those on runs longer than 2 hours or I’ll have chafing that I don’t even want to discuss EVER…ANYWHERE…because it’s was the stuff of my nightmares after learning the hard way.


(For the record, this is why my legs were icicles the first 5’ish miles of my 50K yesterday, the only non-chafing gear I own is shorts.)

I have problem areas under my arms where my arm/sleeves rub and I have problem areas on my thighs and even though I buy clothing to cover them, I still coat my arms and my thighs with anti-chafing product (AQUAPHOR. Way cheaper than the actual running products and works better IMHO.) before my long runs. However, another problem area is the outline of my sports bra. Not on the back, on the front. So, essentially when I finish a race or a long run I have these glorious red raw stripes following the lines of where my running bra touch my chest. I try to remember this and cover my chest with Aquaphor often I either A) Forget or B) Don’t think I’ll need it if it’s a short’ish run.

So…I’ve chafed in the same spots often enough now that I’m actually showing signs of discoloration in those areas. Basically? My skin is scarring in the outline of my bra.

It’s as sexy as you can imagine.

I don’t want to switch bras (I love the bra for every other reason – and it’s CHEAP because it’s the Champion from Target that they periodically put on sale for $14.99.) but I really need to make sure I remember the Aquaphor on the boobs for every run from here to eternity to see if I can get rid of this discoloration. I mean, I’m married and I don’t have a perfect body so I don’t see me wanting to wear a bikini or a sexy dress ever, BUT…I have chosen low-cut blouses before and had to put MAKEUP on my chest to cover up the chafing marks.


So. I think I just need to get in the habit of greasing up the boobs (THAT’S going to get me some google hits) before EVERY long’ish run. Like, make it as habitual as putting on deodorant. Something that – if I forget – I just FEEL off so I don’t walk out of the house until I’ve done it. Of course, getting into the habit is going to be tricky. I’m thinking I’ll print up a sign to hang on my mirror indefinitely.

Happy New Year to you! Here’s to a 2014 sans boob chafing!

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Personal.”

  1. I get the same top o’ the chest chafing, and inside my biceps where my arms rub back and forth. Because my biceps are so massive, you see. And then when the shower water hits those spots – I always think a scorpion got me. Happy New Year of running goals! 1000 miles? No problem.

  2. Oh, man. The “I Didn’t Know I Was Chafed Until I Hit The Shower” shock is the WORST. I had weird chafing during my Chattanooga marathon on my back and when the water hit it I was like, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON BACK THERE?” 🙂

  3. Worst pain ever! My first bad chafing incident happened after a 12-mile run in the rain and it was on the underside of my boobs so I didn’t know it was there until I got in the shower 🙁

  4. Sorry, dang Kindle posted that. Anyhoozle, that gave me a giggle and good advice! I’m excited to start this new path to better health. I love reading your posts about running. Oh, and I remember the Summer of Boob Sweat!

  5. Which Champion bra from Target do you recommend? Thanks for all your great tips!!!

  6. I’m so glad that you are honest and write about stuff that matters. I started running yesterday (six minutes) after walking for six months, and I KNEW I could find chafing information here. Thank you for the recommendation. I’m going to get me some boob greaser.

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