Post-Christmas Gray Days

Sometimes my life is so formulaic I’m almost embarrassed. I get stressed about money during Christmas and then once it’s over I experience the post-Christmas blues where you’re just depressed that you spent all of that time/money/energy and now you’re expected to go back to your normal life with no extra vacation days or presents to open.

So, yeah. I’m in that post-Christmas funk.

And sometimes there’s just the things going on in my life that throw me in a funk that I just can’t write about due to the fact that I would like the people in my life who I love to keep talking to me. And when I can’t blog about something that gets me down? It’s like I just can’t MOVE PAST it. I have come to depend on this blog for my therapy and when I can’t unload here on something that’s tugging at my heart, I have no idea how to cope with that thing in my life. How do you people without a blog cope with things in your life that are getting you down? I DON’T KNOW HOW.

And it’s cold. And my heat in my van is broken some days. (But not other days!) We are already down to 3 drivers and 2 cars over the break and now we’re down to 3 drivers and 1 car WITH dependable heat and one car WITHOUT dependable heat and you can imagine how much it sucks to be the person drawing the cold/short start that day.

So…post-Christmas slump, personal issues I can’t process by blogging, and a cold damn van…these are the things that have me in a funk this morning.

SO! I’m going to try my best to be proactive about my slump. I’m about to go for a short’ish run (COLD) and give me a good start to the day. I’m going to sit down and organize my life/day/work with some quality Bullet Journaling time (always perks me up) and I’m going to throw away all of the junk food in this house that has not been eaten. Because everyone knows how I’ve been coping with my slump, right? EATING ALL OF THE THINGS. And that does NOT help in the slightest.

What about you? How long do the Post-Christmas Gray Days linger in your life? And did you have 14 different desserts yesterday? Because I feel like I should earn some sort of Guiness Book Of World Records achievement for the 14 I ate yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Gray Days”

  1. You beat me on desserts, but I won the christmas eve cheese round against EVERYBODY.

    I am surprised at how much I want my house back already (like NOW, it is 7:15am and I’ve already tucked a couple of minor decorations away).

    It is also my first year of working from home, AND my son’s first year of Christmas break instead of just daycare days off and …. it is time for him to go back to school. Yeah.

    So – not a funk, but my Devil May Care attitude of the last week is GONE and I want some NORMAL RIGHT NOW ((sips coffee that should maybe be a little more decaf-ish))

  2. I had the pre-Christmas slump mainly due to working, WORKING, working, non stop while trying to wrangle 3 small ones and not win the award for worst mom ever. Once the crazies of work ended (late Nov/most of December are my absolute busiest times) I hit a wall, just to be re-energized for 12/24 and 12/25. By last night, I was done. Half of our expected dinner guests didn’t arrive yesterday (varying reasons), which left me deflated from cooking & cleaning all day and spending so much extra $ on food that ended in the trash. My kids had an amazing Christmas, which makes it all worth it, right?

    So we are going away for a few days. I am working today to catch up on all the orders that came in this week, and then tomorrow – tomorrow we leave to a few days in a mountain cabin in TN. It’s well earned, deserved and needed. I am trying to not fight with myself over the cost. We celebrate our 15th anniversary on Sunday, so I can justify that way as well, right?

  3. I was just thinking that having a kid has changed that for me. I remember always feeling a little deflated on 12/26 before she was born. Today, I feel warm and fuzzy from the good memories, but not at all sad to slow the pace back down a little. I also went to sleep at 8:45 last night. Clearly, Christmas was as tiring as it was wonderful.

    Today I’m putting on some good music, letting the kid play with the neighbor as long as she wants and cleaning. I’m uncharacteristically tempted to take down the decorations, but I don’t think the rest of the family is ready for that. So, I’ll give it until this weekend.

    Oh, and dessert. Man. I only had one, but it was Alton Brown’s Grape Pie made by my sweet neighbor. It was so good, and the leftover in the fridge has been calling my name.

    p.s. – What about some old-fashioned journaling for the things stressing you out that aren’t for public consumption?

  4. On these post-Christmas grey days, I’m setting up 2014 goals so that I have something really concrete to look forward to. I also try to do some major winter cleaning so that I can SEE movement forward.

    I have a 600-word narrative on “why I think I’ll make a good teacher” to write … you could do that to help you out of your funk!? 🙂

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