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The Christmas Of The Owl


It started with me finding some free owl vector downloads to play around with for a baby shower gift. It was basically a family portrait made out of owls that I matted and framed. It turned out so well that I made two more gifts with similar concepts/vectors. The problem is with free clipart/downloads, the resolution is not that great so I ended up not being able to print anything the EXACT size I wanted. I had to make some edits and tinker a bit and I always liked the product, but it was never perfect. But then – it occurred to me:

I can totally make my own owls from scratch using Photoshop shapes. Why am I not doing that? Then I have complete control over the size/resolution!

So I spent way too much time last night tinkering and finally came up with what you see above. It’s done in PSD layers so the colors can be easily changed. This is important because one of the things I made was a team color set of owls. I wish I had realize how “easy” (it was easy in terms of skill, but took WAAAAYYYY too much time) it would have been to do this from the beginning. Maybe next year for Christmas I’ll replace everyone’s pictures THIS year with better ones!

Pretty cute, huh? Considering I’m not a graphics person, I’m impressed. I have the skill to use Photoshop but I am not artistic so I do not have a good design eye. However, when you’re just changing colors of geometric shapes? Even I can do that.

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Of The Owl”

  1. That is so cute! I would totally buy a jpg download for holiday cards or baby announcements.

  2. You’re so creative!!!
    Post topic- how are you doing cycle wise since your procedure?

  3. very cute! My almost 13 year old daughter uses photoshop, gimp, and others to create all kinds of drawings. I’m so jealous of her because I have no clue where to start. She does layers of shading and detail that blow my mind. It also helps that she is very artistic and draws with pencil/colored pencils as well.

  4. Awesome! I use owls in my classroom, but haven’t taken the time to learn to PLAY with the vectors enough to color them the way I want. Nice job! <3

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