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The 2-Cup-Of-Coffee Infinity Scart

I see ideas on Pinterest all the time that I think, It would be nice if I had the time/talent/money to do that project. Because most of the cute ideas require ONE of those three things in a quantity I don’t have. If you need money, read an Avant personal loans review to see if a personal loan may be right for you. Usually it’s the “talent” category I’m lacking. Often the “time” category. Either way – I’m always lacking in SOMETHING. Until I saw the t-shirt infinity scarf!

  • Money: FREE! As long as you have a t-shirt you don’t mind sacrificing.
  • Talent: I can use scissors! I can cut!
  • Time: It seemed like it wouldn’t take too long.


So! I started the project while brewing my first cup off coffee this morning. I made it through the first photo and the second photo while that first cup brewed. I worked a bit and then went to brew another cup. I made it through the last photo while the second cup brewed. And Voilà! It was done! And I did it all during the “brew” cycle on two cups of coffee.



  • I cut the strips longer the second side, and I think if I do this again I’ll cut them even longer. I think I’d like it shaggier.
  • I wish we had more solid-color t-shirts to get rid off. Most of our disposable shirts are white. I need to think of a way to jazz those up a bit. I thought it might be fun to spray a solid color shirt with some bleach before cutting it to add that splatter look. I’ve done that accidentally before to shirts, so I may try to do it on purpose to see what happens.
  • This scarf is a little long for me. I’ll still wear it, but I’d like it smaller. If I wanted to make the timeline longer I could maybe shrink the loop with a few stitches before I started the strips. OR – I could use one of MY shirts instead of Donnie’s.
  • I’d say I could use one of Nikki’s but I think I want to do this FOR her. She loves scarves but kid’s scarves are stupid expensive. If she can find a t-shirt to sacrifice this would be SO EASY for her to make herself! SHE CAN USE SCISSORS!

Either way. Totes adorbs. And it took me less time that it would take to make breakfast.

8 thoughts on “The 2-Cup-Of-Coffee Infinity Scart”

  1. That is really cute! For the white shirts, you could try a tye dye kit from joann or michaels? Or I’ve seen a project online using colored sharpies and rubbing alcohol (I think) to do tye dye. Might be a fun winter break project?

  2. That turned out great! I may try that myself. I have very little talent, so I’m glad to hear it was easy. I was going to suggest tye dying, but Ali beat me to it. Her idea of the sharpie and rubbing alcohol thing is a good one, too. I’ve seen that on Pinterest but haven’t tried it. Thanks for showing us how easy this project really is.

  3. Hey, you should make this pinnable! I’m on a tablet, so I have to depend on sites to pin stuff. I am now following you, but didn’t see it there. Cheers!

  4. Another option for the white shirts is a box of RIT dye…you can dye it any color you choose!

  5. What kind of Kerrigan do you have, and what type of reusable K-cup do you have ? I want to buy one for my mom, but there are lots of options and I’m not sure what to get.

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