I’m Starting A “Runners Who Hate Water” Club


My marathon is tomorrow and I’m trying a new technique to help me remember to hydrate. It’s good to go into an endurance event with your body fully-hydrated. I’ve had some issues in some races relating to poor hydration. But here’s the problem: I hate water.

I mean – I don’t hate it. Especially not when I’m working out. But I don’t like it so I don’t drink it out of habit. If I’m thirsty? I grab a soda. Diet Root Beer if I’ve had my caffeine limit for the day. Sometimes a Diet Coke. But most of the time? I’m just not thirsty.

So, I always “forget” to hydrate. I usually drink plenty of Diet Root Beer – which is better than nothing – but not really ideal for obvious reasons. So today? I’m trying to set reminders. So far? Two alarms have sounded reminding me to take two LARGE sips of the water bottle I have accessible.

I mean…two large sips is better than zero large sips…that’s gotta count for something. Right?

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know if this works.

5 thoughts on “I’m Starting A “Runners Who Hate Water” Club”

  1. Is there not an argument that everything has water in it, therefore most things are hydrating in their own way? But there may be good reasons beyond hydration not to drink root beer the day before a marathon.

    Love the new site design!

  2. Oh, that’s a good idea! I am NEVER hydrated. I don’t like water either, and honestly consuming liquids isn’t just something I ever think about. I should probably listen to my body more. Please report back if it works! I’ve also seen people carry around a big jug that has lines on it, so you have a visual indicator of how much liquid should be left at 8am, how much should be left at 10am, etc. I just don’t really like carrying stuff around, but it would probably work pretty well if I could cultivate that habit. I do like a visual cue. Also, since I haven’t said it yet, GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Try just a dash of juice in your water next time. I’m talking about 12 ounces of water with maybe a tablespoon of juice (that’s to give an idea of the proportions, I just splash it in.) My favorite is cranberry or a cranberry/berry mix, but it works well with white grape juice too. The latter tastes almost winey.

    I find it a lot easier to drink than plain water, and the amount of sugars and “stuff” you are getting this way is small to negligible.

  4. Ha, I do the same alarm thing for tracking my food. Then I figured out I could use emoji icons in the alarm text box. Now I “forget” to log my food and instead enjoy random emojis all day. Yeah.

  5. You should try La Croix sparkling water. It has single-handedly help me cut my soda habit from drinking soda ALL day to only one in the morning. It is just carbonated water with some flavor, no calories, articifical sweeteners, nothing. And I’ll tell you, even now when I drink a soda, I don’t feel like it “refreshes” me. But if I down a can of La Croix, I’m good. My husband even quit his regular soda habit all together and now the water is all he drinks. I recommend it in Orange, Lemon and Lime (in that order – the citrus seems to balance out the sourness of the carbonation). I’ve had a lot of success finding it at Publix and BiLo.

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