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A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Okay. So. Here’s the thing. I’m evidently now addicted to posting to my blog every morning. NaBloPoMo created the habit and I now can’t seem to break it. Not that I want/need to – I just think it’s interesting. I sat down to work a little before my long run this morning and I keep thinking: Open your blog. Post to it. You can’t start your day without writing on your blog.

Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure what to write about. I just feel like my day can’t start without a blog post now.


So! Here’s a list of stores on Etsy where I want someone to buy me everything for Christmas!

Karen Hallion – who makes amazing illustrations combining tons of my favorite loves. I bought myself a shirt from Teefury that was her design but some of her prints are brilliant and I want them all in my house. STAT.


Book Fiend – who does amazing leather cuffs with book quotes on them along with some of the BEST literary bumper stickers AROUND.


Dark Chocolate N Tulips – who does unique hand-stamped jewelry. It’s gotten a bit ubiquitous (says the girl who has a hand-stamped ring she never takes off) but this store has really unique flares of the same thing you see everywhere.


Love, Maude – does some AMAZING embroidery. Especially of headbands and bookmarks. I WANT THEM ALL. Seriously.


These people may all be back-ordered for Christmas – but if they’re not? BUY WHAT THEY ARE SELLING! FOR ME!

3 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things!”

  1. Happy Saturday! It is nice to read a new post from you any day! Have a great weekend!

  2. The funny thing is, now you’ve got me checking your blog every day! 🙂 I just wanted to comment how much I love Etsy and so many of the artists there. I did almost half of my Christmas shopping this year on Etsy! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

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