I’m hoping this will NOT be my last post of the day…

We’ve got a crazy day ahead and I wanted you all to keep me (and my patience) in your thoughts. I’m hoping to come back at the end of the day to report on it, but in case I don’t I didn’t want to fail NaBloPoMo on the LAST DAY. So – here’s a preface entry to the realentry if all goes according to plan.

Nikki is running her first 10K and Wes is running his first 5K. They’re going on at the same time, so I’ll run the first 5K with both kids and then Nikki and I will loop back. Wes needs to be able to listen to me (we’re doing intervals so no one wears out) and not sprint ahead like he tends to do. And Nikki needs to not get wrapped up in her own head. She’s fast and competitive and naturally athletic…but once those negative thoughts creep in? All of those natural abilities fly out the window and I find it VERY frustrating. She has the gifts to make it easy, she just gets in her own head and gets down on herself and focuses on the negative. Our goal today is to A) Listen to Mom (she will NOT take advice from me AT ALL, which is frustrating because running is the ONE thing I know something about) and B) Have fun/Stay Positive. If we can do that for 6 miles? CAKE. We’re doing 1/2 mile run, 1-2 minute walk/ intervals. I play it by ear with them because sometimes they’re doing great and can walk less/run more. Sometimes they need some nurturing. It’s going to be 36 at race start…so the cold weather may make everything THAT much harder.

Anyway — Wes doesn’t get in his head. He’ll do it however he feels like doing it. He’ll do it fine. Think of me and Nyoka as we brave this journey. I hope she’ll finish proud and excited for her next challenge. And I hope I don’t start drinking at mile 2.

See you on the flip side! Wish us luck!

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