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The Trait I Hope I Pass

NaBloPoMo is almost over but I’m coming up on the day that has ruined my streak several years: THANKSGIVING. I forgot to post on Thanksgiving on a few years…BUT NOT THIS YEAR, DAMMIT. I WILL REMEMBER.

But I almost forgot this morning. YAY!

I’m still moderating comments because traffic is still escalated from this post. Sorry. People feel strongly about shopping on Thanksgiving.


Look at this note my daughter left me. Sometimes she’s very self-involved because all children are sociopaths, but then she does stuff like this and I pray it’s a glimpse of her future. I want her to be kind and considerate more than anything else in the world. I want her to see what the people need around her, the people she loves, and be the kind of person that tries to give that if she can’t. I have that trait, although I don’t always follow through because I’m also lazy. But it’s the trait I hope I pass on to my kids the most. (Not the laziness…the ability to sense what people need.) When she does stuff like this I have hope. I think the world needs people like us, and I wish I followed through more often so I could do my part to make the world better.

I’d much rather pass that along that my tendency to trip over invisible objects.

4 thoughts on “The Trait I Hope I Pass”

  1. Okay, this part made me snort out loud this morning… Sometimes she’s very self-involved because all children are sociopaths… because I have long stated all children under the age, of well, adulthood, are sociopaths by nature. We have best friends that have a toddler, as well as teenage daughters.The toddler is a whirling dervish of crazy chaotic energy and sociopathic is probably the most appropriate term to use for him. He has done so many crazy things that on Monday mornings, after he has been over with his parents so that we (the non-sociopaths) can watch The Walking Dead, that people at work ask what did the little sociopath do last night? Some days it is as benign as taking his clothes off and streaking through the house, others it’s as wild and crazy as eating spices off the counters and biting a piece out of every apple in the fruit bowl, just because someone (me) forgot to push it 3 inches back, from the edge of the counter.

  2. I love that she called you Kimberly. And she is right, you do look very pretty and cute!

  3. Aww! What a great Thanksgiving kick off!

    I have to laugh that she felt the need to address it to Kimberly, though. Was she worried you might be confused with another ‘Mom’? I love little kid quirks.

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