Perfecting The Model/Sorority/Cheerleader Pose

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I went to Montevallo yesterday for a quick visit with E. I took his best friend with me as it gave me company for the ride, and made him uber-thrilled. I also brought him Diet Cokes and home made mini cheesecakes…I’m no dummy.

I got to hang out with his friends most of the day and they are so awesome. They’re smart and funny and I haven’t laughed as hard as I did yesterday in a while. Every time I took a picture with him and his friends (I’m totally THAT Mom) he would then insist that everyone do a cheerleader or model or sorority type pose. And I finally felt like one of the cool kids when I insisted someone take our picture and he mandated I do the same thing.

Just SUCH a great trip. I love seeing him in his environment with his friends and seeing that he’s happy. I had severe highs and lows the first year in college and while it’s not gone all perfect for him, he’s very much enjoying the highs I enjoyed and that makes me completely happy.

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  1. You are tiny and I love your boots. And your kid’s adorable. Glad you had a great day!

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