When Nothing Is Textbook

My kids don’t get sick often. I mean, they might feel crappy here and there and miss school periodically, but never more than 3 or so days a year. And the only time it’s been bad was when Nikki a bad stomach bug when she was a toddler and had to go to the hospital for dehydration, and when she had strep back in 2007? or so? and she was just miserable for awhile.

Otherwise? Quick versions of everything. Like, less than 24 hours. Nothing major. Nothing severe. And almost all of the “What’s Going Around” tends to pass us up.

So, Yay!

But – the last 2 weeks we’ve just had weird bouts of illness. The school called the Thursday before Veteran’s day because Wes wasn’t acting himself. They said he wasn’t running a fever, but he was just acting off and said his head hurt. I took my time coming to get him since he didn’t have a fever. I ended up picking him up about noon. He napped until 2:30 when it was time to pick up Nikki. He had a fever of about 102 then. He puked in the car picking her up and then two hours later no fever and he acted like nothing had been wrong with him at all. I kept him home the next day anyway, and he rested, but never ran a fever again, had a headache, or puked. It was like the 5 hour case of something. WEIRDO.

Then – Nikki had a fever and a headache. Then it went away. Then just the headache came back. Then it went away. Then, yesterday morning she woke up about 4am (I was already awake because Wes had been dealing with leg cramps) with a SEVERE headache. No fever. And then she started puking. But still – NO FEVER.

Head Rubs. The remedy for all that is ailing you.
Head Rubs. The remedy for all that is ailing you.

She stayed in bed all day yesterday. The headache went away. She had a “fever” for about 2 hours – but it was sub-100 and I’m not sure it counts for shit. But the headache never went away and she puked off and on the first half of the day. Then once or twice the second half. She stomached a sandwich last night, but that was it. EXTREME photosensitivity which has me leaning towards migraines, except she did feel crappier in the week which says, “hmmm… Maybes strep…”

I’m torn. On one hand? I’m glad my kids don’t tend to pick up the various weirdo flus and viruses that go around. On the other hand? It would be nice to just know what it is because I hate taking the kids to the doctor and finding out there’s nothing real wrong with them. I always feel like and idiot and that the doctor thinks, “Oh, Lord. It’s the Holmes family again…always freaking out over everything.”

What are your “limits” for a trip to the doctor? When do you take the kids? I’m thinking this is a no-brainer since she’s had strep before and it sometimes manifests has headaches over anything else. But I don’t know, she wasn’t really running a fever so am I overreacting? BAH.

Stupid parental decisions. It’s easier when everything is perfectly textbook. Which it NEVER is.

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  1. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty textbook migraine. Storm front coming in, pain, nausea, photo sensitivity. And even after the migraine is over, it’s common to have a “migraine hangover” where the nausea and off feeling sticks around. It’s miserable, and maybe worth taking her to the doc, but probably not critical? I’m not a medical professional though! That’s just what I would do with my kid. (Feel free to ignore me and my assvice!)

    It’s always hard to see them in pain. Hope she feels better and you get some rest, mama!

  2. I just never ran fevers with mine, that’s the only thing that has me doubting it. *sigh* I’m taking her in anyway because even though the last remnants of a fever has been gone for 24 hours, the headache is still there and she still has NO desire to eat/drink/move. *sigh*

  3. When I was a kid my parents took us to the doctor for everything, so I’m not hesitant to take my kids in either. My oldest had a weird strep reaction last time she had it – was acting fine, never ran a fever, but at one point looked at me and said, “Mom, my neck hurts,” and when I looked her lymph node had swollen to the size of a golf ball. We left for urgent care a few minutes later.

    I hope she feels better soon and that the rest of you are spared!

  4. Does she have allergies? Her symptoms sound like the sinus infections I used to get as a kid when seasons changed.

    Hope she feels better soon.

  5. My first thought was a migraine, too. It sounds textbook migraine, except for the fever. I hadn’t thought about a sinus infection, though. Either one of those would cause a lot of pain.
    I hope she feels better soon!

  6. My kids and husband had whooping cough last year. After 10 days or so of my then four year old coughing until she puked every time she coughed I FINALLY took her to the doctor. Parenting fail. Sounds like a stomach bug. I had one like that last year where I had a low grade fever and threw up here and there or felt like throwing up but mostly my head ached and I felt terrible and hid in the dark of our bedroom for a few days. Is she complaining her throat is sore when she swallows anything? I usually shine a flashlight down into their mouths and have them say ahhh. I have generally not been wrong about strep – there should be red or whiteish looking patches in there if she does have it. IDK. My kids have been sickos the past few years starting in the fall all the way through till spring or so it seemed at the time! At some point I was into a cycle. They would get sick, I would wait and wait and miss work and we would be frustrated that they were not getting better so I would take them to the dr only to hear the dreaded words “it’s a virus, just keep doing what you are doing.” I hope everyone gets to feeling better quickly!

  7. It’s always hard to decide what requires a trip to the dr. and what should just run it’s course. Her symptoms sound a lot like a migraine, though. It could be triggered by a sinus infection or congestion, so I would probably take her in just to be sure. Most of the time I give it 2 days to see if symptoms progress, unless I can tell what is wrong immediately (like strep or a stomach bug).

  8. We have had odd strep reactions… it never used to cross my mind when there’s tummyache/puking involved. Probably worth a checkup? Hope all are on the mend soon…

  9. I tend to fall on the go to the doctor less side of the tracks. And I just took my two on Thursday, one of them had been spiking a 103 fever on and off for a few days and the other just had a lingering cough/ cold (and probably didn’t need to go). But they couldn’t go to daycare so might as well bring them both.
    Anyway when I was chatting with the doctor, he said that fevers don’t really mean anything. How your kid acts is a better indicator of how sick they are. Clara- my two year old- was pretty darn chipper considering she felt nuclear. And she ended up on antibiotics for a minor ear infection.
    I don’t bring mine in if I think it will go away on its own…that changes though if my kid is clearly in pain. If I were you I would have brought her. Even if the dr can’t help, then I know I’ve done everything I can to help her. And every time I talk to someone and question whether or not to bring them in the nurses and doctors at the pediatricians office always tell me to do it.
    Also now that I’ve gotten to know my husband’s family – who go to the doctor for EVERYTHING- I know I’m never going to the most annoying / least sick person there.

  10. Does your pediatrician have a triage line? I’m slow to go to the doctor, so I like to call the triage line and talk to the nurse for ideas to try and home and an opinion on when I should bring her in. If you don’t have a triage line, I’d take her in. They put alot of weight on behavior/demeanor and a lethargic kid with no appetite for several days they want to see. (And, as someone who doesn’t run fevers for anything short of pneumonia, I am never impressed by the lack of a fever.)

  11. Since both of mine had strep this weekend, I lean towards taking them in… both had headaches pretty badly before any throat pain and both took naps when they ordinarily would not have (and neither one had a fever)… hope you figured it all out by now

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