Wanted: New Running Skirt

I wrote here once before about how I spent summer of 2012 trying to find a good running skirt. See? My thighs rub BAD when I run. I chafe like a mother trucker. Sprays/gels/powder/bars all help a little bit, but once you run more than an hour or sweat more than two, your best ammunition against chaffing is GOOD CLOTHING. I wore bike/spandex shorts most of the time but I wanted a SKIRT because skirts are CUTE. I tried several at $30-$60 a pop and they all sucked. They were cute, but they rode up on me make the chaffing still happen but combined with me constantly having to pull them out of my crotch.

Enter: Lululemon pace setter skirt. It was the answer to my prayers. I found it at the end of the summer 2012 and wore it again this weekend at my half-marathon. 12+ months from that $60 skirt. I adore it. It flatters my body and stays in place. I bought a blue one along the way too but I don’t wear it as often simply because it doesn’t go with everything.

Now, over the last year I’ve heard the periodic Chip Wilson is an Ass story. Chip being the founder of Lululemon. I mean, nothing outright HORRIBLE. Just the kind of stuff that left a bad taste in my mouth. Like that they won’t make bigger than a size 12. He writes weird blog posts discussing things like birth control and women entering the work force. It just became very apparent that he may not be the kind of guy I’d shop from if he was selling his stuff in a small store in my town.

But I can easily forget about him because THE SKIRT IS SO AWESOME.

I’ve discussed before that “boycotting” is not something I really support simply because if I’m not going to research every product I buy, it seems hypocritical. HOWEVER – there are certain companies we don’t buy from any more just because we feel icky. There’s been enough attention in the media that we now think of our gay friends and family when we see a Chik-fil-A. We think of dogfighting when we see Nike. I think of how much I disagree with the National Organization of Marriage when I see an Ender’s Game trailer. It’s not that we’re saying, “We won’t spend money towards this business because we disagree with it.” Because that implies that we know SO MUCH about the business and that we’ve come to this conclusion and that we research where all of our dollars go. We don’t.

All we know in this family is some businesses/companies/people make us feel ICKY. And we don’t want to spend our money towards things that make us feel ICKY.

So! We don’t eat at Chik-fil-A, we don’t buy Nike (although we wear it from back before we stopped buying it and that shit lasts FOREVER), we won’t pay money for a movie or book if a penny of that money could end up Orson Scott Card’s pocket because he sat on the board of NoM.

Why? We feel icky.

"Thunder Thighs" because they're powerful as SHIT.
“Thunder Thighs” because they’re powerful as SHIT.

And I’m REALLY pissed off about it.

Here’s a good summary of Chip Wilson’s recent asshatedness. I was going to let myself buy a new skirt because – funnily enough – mine was not holding up well. It was piling in the thighs (Because – GOD FORBID – my thighs touch!) and the elastic wasn’t staying in place anymore. Also? I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight and thought dropping a size might be motivation for me to keep going. I was going to buy one THIS WEEK. No lie.

But now? BLARGH.

“It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs. How much pressure is there, and over a period of time, and how much they use it.”

DUDE. I weight 134 pounds and run over 50 miles a week. MY thighs rub together because I’m a BADASS. If your athletic clothing can not handle a healthy woman’s thighs rubbing together – then either fix it, or quit charging so much for it! And his “apology” kinda made it worse. He never apologized for his product or for his blame, he just apologized that his words upset people. BLURGH.

I’m proud of my legs. My stomach I complain about but EVERY PICTURE taken of me this weekend showed my badass thighs rocking a badass half-marathon. If a company who clothes those thighs thinks they can’t make fabric to tolerate my athleticism but they STILL want to charge $60+ bucks for it? Then fine. I’ll shop somewhere else.

And I’ll be REALLY pissed off about it. Because – MAN – I adore that skirt.

So! I’m in the market for a new running skirt. I’d like it to have that adhesive/sticky stuff on the inside like the Lulu skirt did. I think that helps it stay in place. I need a small pocket for my key fob. I’d like it to have ruffles because it makes my ass look awesome. But most importantly? I’d like it if no spokesperson from the company every blames a woman’s thighs touching for the crapiness of their fabric.

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  1. I am in the UK so a lot of the companies you mentioned have no presence her but as a dog owner and lover you bet I will never buy Nike again.

    PS Seriously I think you look amazing (stomach and all)

  2. I started a big comment and then tapped something and it disappeared. Blergh.

    I want to slap him. I hate feeling like I can’t shop anywhere anymore, or I break down and then feel terrible about it. I want to go buy some holiday decor, decorate the table and all. Who has a good selection and is fairly cheap? Hobby Lobby! But I feel gross going in there. Ugh.

  3. You need to look at Athleta’s “Contender 2-in-1 running skort”. I have both the Athleta one and the Lululemon one, and I prefer the Athleta one. Good luck!

  4. I love the design of lulu’s stuff too but I also have the same problem with their founder. Just, yuck. Athleta makes similar running skirts, like Susan^ mentioned. I wear their hana 2 in 1 shorts cause I have the same chafing issue.

  5. I can’t help with the skirt, but I hope you find one you love even more. I never bought lulumon for yoga, because I just can’t see or feel a difference when I try them on and the price is crazy to me. Now I’ll have the pissed me off factor to add to that decision. (Plus, aren’t they the ones that were see through a year or so ago? Its enough to put my ass up in the air during class without also being effectively nude while doing so.)

    I’m so proud of you for recognizing this is HIS issue, not yours. You are absolutely right – your thighs touch because of the shape of your body and the muscle of your legs. You are beautiful and strong and healthy. And, I’m going to delete half of this comment, because it can be summed up with: Grrr… Women have different shapes, and a strong and healthy (and gorgeous!) body comes in those many different shapes. **slams objects around for a bit in righteous indignation**

    (Champion yoga pants, for anyone looking. It turns out lower cost doesn’t equal cheap here. Mine have held up so much better than anything else and have a really flattering fit.)

  6. I love that the descriptions tells you there’s a pocket for your ID/Mad money? MAD MONEY? I have no idea what that means but I’m glad there’s a secret pocket for it!

  7. I second athleta. I have to have thigh grippies , too, or else it’s a disaster. Even at my tiniest (107 lbs … It was a verrrrrrry long time ago) my thighs rubbed together.

  8. I have the Athleta Relay Skirt and absolutely love it. Shorts aren’t super short, but not too long and have the rubber grippies so they stay in place. Skirt is super flattering and comes in quite a few colors (although I only own it in black for now). I haven’t run any further than 3 miles, so not sure how it holds up in the long run, but I’m really happy so far.

    Love Lulu clothes, but they are expensive and the quality is not as good as it was when it was still produced in Canada.

  9. Dude, I LOVE my long Rogas too! Here’s me in them over a year ago, waxing poetic about them -http://www.bornandracedinchicago.com/2012/05/friday-things_25.html I’m about 5’8 and 150lbs and wear medium – they’re pretty true to size/if anything run a tad big. NO CROTCH CREEP. I even think the diamond pattern ones even run a tad longer, and they’re super stylin’ looking 🙂

  10. I wish there was a local shop I could try the stuff on at 🙁 Also – your Ragnar report showed TONS of cute tops not on their website! Bummer! I hate living in small town sometimes!

  11. blergh. well, I’m more in favor of supporting your local running store/FF. BUT, you can get Oiselle duds on Amazon/free super saver if you want to try stuff on 🙂 And the top we’re all mostly wearing at Ragnar is the team singlet – not on the website/only for ambassadors. Most of us were wearing Winona tanks when we weren’t wearing the team singlet and those fo sho are available now and are like buttah – SO SOFT. http://www.oiselle.com/shop/running-tops/winona-tank

    apropos of nothing, how awesome is Rainbow Rowell? I want to be her BFF, too 🙂

  12. Ah! Amazon! I should try it that way! I lurve the indigo arm warmers, which I won’t need for my 50K on Saturday b/c we’re going to have weirdly warm weather…ARG.

    YES. Totally adore Rainbow Rowell…everything she tweets I want to favorite 😉

  13. I worked at athleta & here’s my take: The happy isles skirt has the longest inseam for the shorts (and they actually publish the lengths of their inseams, so you can compare). It is a lightweight material skort, with grippers. I wear it all summer long, running or not.
    The relay skort has some cotton in it & it will weigh more. Good for fall/winter, not as much for summer in the south.
    The swagger skort is FUN. Slightly shorter inseam, but with grippers also. And FUN.
    Contender skort is different – it’s only going to cover your bum, not really give you a skirt look. The contender capris are my favorite running item for fall, and I can wear them to target & not feel exposed.
    With athleta, some skorts come in tall, also, so if there is something that you like but want it longer, you can check that out. My relay skort is a tall (and I am 5’4″) and it’s almost office appropriate. I definitely wear it when I’m taking my 3 yo to the park or to play because it accomodates acitivity, but is also ladylike.

  14. They did!!!!! And I thought it was sooo cool! And that status warms my heart as I know that kind of love and support so very well and hope I’m as supportive of my family and she is of hers. (love)

  15. ALSO! ALSO! I noticed last night they sell SCHWINGS through their site! That’s my new favorite thing and I’m convinced they give me super powers 😉

  16. oh yay! hope I haven’t seemed like a creeper! It’s just that I’ve been an ambassador for the brand for over 2 years, live in the same city as their HQ/know these women and really love ’em and the duds 🙂

  17. No! I think it’s awesome! I can’t wait to fall in love with the skirt b/c I’ve already fallen in love with the company. 😉

  18. I think LuLuLemon skirts are ADORABLE!! I had even thought about sucking it up and paying for one, so I could run with frilly ruffles on my butt. Then I read all the negativeness. Thighs Rubbing. Some Women’s Bodies Are Wrong. WTF?!?!?
    I have ONE running skirt and love it….with the exception that it’s a skirt and shows my legs 🙂 The shorts don’t ride. There is a HUGE pocket on each leg and around the middle (as if I was going to load up with Gu or HoneyStingers for my Half training). But, I do LOVE it. And you can get them in Wonder Women patterns. – SPARKLE SKIRTS!

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