My Co-Worker

This day has been INSANE and I almost forgot to post something. OH MY GOD. Five days in and I almost screwed up NaBloPoMo! But I remembered! So here is a half-assed post about my cat!

(Here’s a topic of discussion: Which is worse…blogging about your cat, or your dreams?)

I work from home now, which has the same amounts of pros and cons as working in an office does. Just typically the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Office: Pro – no cat hair in your printer. Con – You have to wear something other than your pajamas.
Home: Pro – I don’t have to even shower, much less get dressed. Con – My feline co-worker get all up in my workspace.

Bambi likes to hang out near me as much of the day as possible now. He still doesn’t bother with me at night, but during the day when it’s just me at the computer? He tries to find the most inconvenient place possible to relax. Maybe on the printer, maybe on my chair, maybe on my bullet journal…either way, he has to be wherever is the most annoying to me at that moment.  I’m sure my cat would find it comfy too! And while part of me is like, “GET OUT OF MY CHAIR!” the other part of me is smitten with him because he’s old (14) and not super-affectionate and I kinda like that he seeks me out when it’s just a quiet work day at the house.




P.S. I don’t think embedded instagram photos show up on my blog if you’re viewing on a mobile device. If you can’t see any photos on this entry, then just imagine pictures of my cat in all of the annoying places possible on/around a desk.

6 thoughts on “My Co-Worker”

  1. Viewing on my phone and all the lovely Bambi pics showed up perfectly! I like that it shows the Instagram frame…nice touch. Love you…miss the head-buttin’ Bambi.

  2. I also work from home and enjoy the company if a feline coworker. Shorty is super affectionate ALL the time and LOVES that I am home all day, perhaps just a little bit too much. Sometimes I get all comfy in my PJs (and yes, still unshowered state), racked out in my recliner with my laptop, all set. to work and my coworker feels that the immediate need to drape his silky, constantly shedding body all over my keyboard since it is covering his favorite spot in the world- my lap. I can’t get mad at him. He’s pretty handsome and sweet. Your coworker is drop dead gorgeous! Love him!

    On another note, although I am not a runner and never can be (fused spine, can’t do anything high impact, blah, blah), I am inspired by your blog and have my own that I started and stuttered to a halt and restarted. It chronicles the miseries and funny moments of an over fifty, overweight, used to be super-fit person just trying to get back to some semblance of health and semi-fitness. Check it out if you get a minute. I am trying to inspire an older generation than yours, but you still inspire me. 🙂 http://confessionsofaformerathlete.blogspot.com/

  3. I love your co-worker! I have two kitty co-workers, myself. Mine are also 14 years old. I try to treasure every minute with them, even if they are keeping me from doing my ‘job’ because they are getting on up there in age, and I do love those furry babies. I used to have four cats and two dogs, and Scully and Mulder are the only two left now. Yes, I named them after the X-Files characters. My (human) son is named for a character in The Lord of the Rings. I am a nerd.

  4. I love Russian Blue type kitties like Bambi. So, why is your boy cat names Bambi? Also, I can see your embedded instagram pics fine on iPhone. So, post a pic of your fancy new Doctor Who Owl shirt, yo!

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