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The Proof Is In The FitBit

Around the time we moved into this house and I had to walk our dog early (before we had a fence) I realized that getting up around 5am was a natural rhythm for me. I didn’t really have the motivation to do it, other than the dog walking, but if I could get motivated, it felt right. Then I started boot camp which was at 5:30am, and then running which I always tried to do early on the weekends and any weekday I could. All of these things got me to quit fighting to sleep how normal people sleep and to sleep how I knew my body wanted to sleep.

Go to bed early. Wake up early.

I was always a morning person. Even during the age when I was up late drinking or other things…I was still always up early by the standards of my peers. When I decided a few years ago to work with that and go to bed early too? Sleep became a very dear friend. As long as I stick to my schedule, I sleep fine. It’s when the kids interfere with their leg cramps and nightmares, that I have a problem. AS LONG AS I GO TO BED EARLY. Because, even if I’m up late? I still wake up early. I have no ability to squelch that instinct.

So! I got a fitbit. Yesterday was Day 01. I’ve been wanting one for awhile and a “Good Job!” work gift allowed me to make the splurge. Last night was the first night monitoring my sleep and it will now serve as proof that if you find your natural rhythm and don’t fight it? Sleep is much easier.


Y’all…this is a FRIDAY NIGHT. I went to bed at 8pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT. And woke up naturally and rested 8 hours later. Which is good because I’m meeting a group for a run at 6am. I was just excited to see this on paper – the proof that my schedule…ALTHOUGH SUPER LAME…is effective and really does allow me for a good night’s sleep. Now, most nights I can’t get to bed by 8pm because, like this MOnday, we have a soccer game at 7pm. So, the sleep cycle as a whole is usually more 9-4 than 8-4, but still! LOOK AT ALL OF THAT SLEEP.

I hate a lot of things about my body, but my ability to got to bed early is NOT one of them.

5 thoughts on “The Proof Is In The FitBit”

  1. I am super-lame, too, so you have company. I get up at 4:30 most mornings, and wake up around 3:55 just in anticipation of the alarm. Now I want a Fitbit, too!

  2. Hey! Which Fitbit did you get? I have been looking at them for several months now and do not know which one I want. They have one for the food/exercise place I use (sparkpeople.com) but the reviews on it wasn’t so good… just curious how yours does with actual exercise and stuff and which one of the fitbits you chose? Congrats on your sleep!!! I would easily sleep from 9-5 if my family would allow me, I usually sleep from 10 or 11 to 5 though… which messes me up and leaves me feeling tired most of the time, so on weekends I tend to “catch up” on a few of the lost hours of sleep, probably not such a good thing.

  3. I have an old Fitbit that has fewer features, and I kind of want to upgrade, I am also an early riser and am generally to bed pretty early. Since I live alone with a dog and a cat, I don’t have to worry about how this affects anyone else though!

  4. I got the FLEX (with a amazon gift card I received as a gift from work!!! SCORE!) and so far it’s been pretty accurate. It determines the miles I travel based on my steps and it’s come close enough on my runs that I accept the calculations. What I also like is that it just keeps track of what my body should be burning daily based on age/weight/height etc so when it says “calories burned” it means ALL calories which is handy when it comes to trying to decide how much to eat. I’m trying to eat at least 500 calories under what it tells me I burn so that I lose 1 lb/week and I think it’s working. The true test will just be over time, but so far I’m really digging it.

  5. Awesome! I just ordered the fitbit one yesterday! I can’t wait for it to get here. I think the flex and the fitbit one compared about the same, but mine will clip on instead of being around my wrist, I may regret that, but it seemed like it might work well for me. I also was reading about the Fitbit Force, which might be interesting but I didn’t want to wait for it as it said 4-6 weeks for delivery because its new. I love that you are enjoying your fitbit… Your enthusiasm has helped me go ahead and make the decision to get one, I have been on the fence for several months with it. 🙂 Enjoy!

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