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Married A Decade.

Donnie and I were together for several years before finally getting married. Part of it was I was convinced I would be a shitty wife (having already been divorced) and part of it was because I was convinced he’d wake up and realize he was WAY too good for me. While we were in college we had quite a bit of fun (obviously) and then when we got settled into the “real” world (College Kids: The “real” world is much easier than college, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. College stressed me the hell out.) and spent several months trying to find jobs in the same city. Donnie started in Atlanta and I started in Huntsville. Eventually, he ended up in Huntsville and I realized that maybe he was actually going to stick around and NOT wake up one day and realize he could do better. Time to get married!

Our wedding was very US. We were married by a secular minister with only the vaguest hint of religion. We left the ceremony to “I can see clearly now the rain is gone!” and I “WOOOOOOOO!!!”ed when they announced us married. Me and E and all of his friends did the Hokey Pokey for the reception. We had cakes made out of donuts. It still remains at the very top of my list of “The Best Days Of My Life”. We danced all night and everything came together beautifully. We spent money on what mattered (BEER!) and saved where we could (My dress only cost $200!). We involved E at every point and he and Dad even walked me down the aisle where I – OF COURSE – tripped a little bit on my dress. WOO!!!

This weekend, Donnie and I go out of town for our first ever Non-Family Visit alone trip. FIRST EVER. We’ve been together 13+ years and it takes our 10th wedding anniversary for us to finally plan a romantic trip.

Our lives have changed so much in the 10 years since we’ve been married. We have two more kids, we have super-active lifestyles, we have jobs in different fields (mine WAY different, his is an offshoot) from where we started, and he’s lost about 50lbs that I’ve gained. We’ve seen a lot of sadness in those 10 years, lost of family, of pets, and a lifetime of reproductive struggles. But we’re very happy with where we are in our lives and wouldn’t change much.

(Come one, I’m not going to say I wouldn’t change anything…anyone who says that is living a revisionist history. I’d most definitely change the baby blue velour tracksuit I wore home from the hospital after having Nikki. That damn thing did NOT photograph well and I look way more like a cow than I should have.)

So…we’ll celebrate 10 years this weekend ALONE. We’re running a marathon, hitting up a museum, maybe doing some hiking, and sleeping on a boat. Our anniversary is actually a week from today, but the marathon was this weekend and how can we ring in 10 years as a married couple without some sort of endurance race?


I’m very happy with my life with this man today. I can’t wait to celebrate that happiness this weekend without kids begging us to wipe their butts or cook them dinner.

14 thoughts on “Married A Decade.”

  1. You two are awesome and it’s been so fun to read about your lives together on your blog–I have been following the whole time!!! Eeeek. 10yrs slides by so quickly somehow! (My own 10yr anniversary is next month and I’m astonished.)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys have the GREATEST time running 7 bridges, hiking up trails, eating donuts, drinking beer, sitting around in awe at that fact that you can actually eat a meal and enjoy it without having to use your mom voice. Have a BLAST leaving your mark on Chattanooga 🙂
    Raising a bottle of beer to you and Donnie “Here’s to many many more awesome years!!!”

  3. happy early anniversary to one of my very favorite couples! you inspire me every single day!

    have so much fun all by your lonesomes…it’s PAST time for that!

    love you both!

  4. SO AWESOME!! Love you both bunches. Enjoy every single minute this lovely weekend. So glad you’re posting pics of the goodness. Happy Anni!!!!

  5. Happy anniversary!!! And also, I think he is just as lucky to have you!

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