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70.3 Spectators Report

Pre-Race photo taken by Gregg Gelmis of We Run Huntsville

We made the kids go to sleep in the clothes they’d be wearing Sunday when we put them to bed Saturday night. We woke them up, made them go to the bathroom, and then stuffed them in the packed car at 4:50am. We got to the race site before the sun was up and they watched a movie in the van for a bit until they felt human. Then, we stayed there until about 5pm after the last Southeaster Triathlon Championship Series award was given out, drove back to Huntsville for dinner at our favorite local restaurant, and all went DIRECTLY to bed before 8pm.


Donnie had a great swim and bike. He cramped up unexplicably during his swim a bit, and then the other calf cramped up during his run quite a bit more. Plus, the run was REALLY hot. So, his time wasn’t what he wanted, but he still finished 4th overall in his age group and held his lead in the Championship Series to keep his First Place standing in his age group for that.


That award he’s hold there is the prize for the Championship Series. He only earned one point towards the Championship last year, this year? He came in first in his age group. He made SUCH a huge improvement this year it’s not even funny. I’m so very proud of him.

It was a great day and the kids stayed relatively entertained and supportive. We all go a little sunburned because I was a bit stupid about sunscreen, but all in all? A great day. I saw many friends cross that finish line on Sunday and hope to someday (in, like 50 years) maybe try to do the same.

4 thoughts on “70.3 Spectators Report”

  1. Great job Donnie!! And seriously, I hope Gregg Gelmis gets paid the big bucks for his amazing photos!

  2. Dude, where did you get the purple and gold headband? It is totally adorable and I have NO luck at finding such things!

  3. It’s from – although I bought mine at Fleet Feet. I discovered it accidentally. I bought a BUFF from for cold runs, it pulls up over your face and I loved it. So, Donnie bought me another one for Christmas but when I opened it it said “headband” on it. It was smaller than my BUFF and meant to be worn on your head. Ididn’t think I’d like it and almost took it back to get the BUFF but I tried it once and OH MY GOD. They’re my FAVORITE now. They’re pricey but I have like 5 of them now. They catch the sweat AND tame the weird halo of frizz I always get on a run.

  4. NOTHING. He gets paid NOTHING. It started as just something fun for him to do because he likes taking pics and he was injured for awhile and couldn’t race. But people started obsessing over his photos – the entire town goes through them after ever race like it’s a yearbook – so he just kept doing it and started taking it more seriously. But we can download them for FREE from smugmug. FOR NOTHING.

    He did go to a workshop in Colorado this summer about taking photos of trail runners and we all chipped in to send him. And our Track Club gave him an award this year for service to the community, but other than a rockstar status? He gets paid nothing. We are so VERY lucky to have him.

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