Ten Days!

In ten days Donnie and I are taking a trip to Chattanooga to run a marathon for our anniversary. Like normal people do. I have spent the last several weeks binging on everything bad for me and drinking too much in preparation.

DUDE. Seriously. I’ve not been handling stress well lately. AT ALL. We had a big project at work that I was nervous about letting out into the world and while I do really well with problem solving under stress, I don’t do well with something I like to call “Eating Less Than 5000 Calories A Day.”

It’s funny how it works that way. In college? Stress made me produce my best work, but I also smoked twice as many cigarettes in the day. Now? I just eat more. So, it’s not like I don’t respond well to stress, stress often makes me produce my best work. It just also fires up the bizarre dependency on the hand-to-mouth action to cope with stress.

So, TEN DAYS! If I don’t get my shit together in the next 10 days my marathon will be that much harder. Not only with the constant weight-gain but with the emotional burden. I want to go into my marathon not thinking about my stress-eating sabotaging my training, so I need to try to really focus on the next 10 days of cleaning out my system literally and metaphorically.

Someday I’ll stop writing about this because I’ll have figured out how to conquer my demons. Until then! Let’s beat this dead horse…AGAIN!

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