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The Power Of The Clean Slate.

My love for beginnings has been well documented. I love the start of a new training program, a new project at work, a new diet…it always gives me motivation to DO IT PERFECTLY THIS TIME! I always loved the beginning of a new semester at school for the same reason. THIS TIME, I WILL WIN ALL THE As!

I also love Mondays, the first of the month, and New Year’s day. These days are totally inspirational and I’m always ready to try something new when they roll around. And yesterday was going to be no exception! I’ve been a little stressed lately and have slacked on my eating and have consistently missed my smaller runs. So, October 1st? I was going to start all over! Eat better! Get my run in! Be PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!

I think I made it about five minutes into October 1st before I was binging on wheat thins and pumpkin cake.

(Don’t ask.)

But, I still need a kickstart. I need a “new” something to get me out of this rut. I need a new semester. A new month. A new workout plan. Something to inspire me to have a good day.

BUT IT’S WEDNESDAY. No one starts over on WEDNESDAY. And it’s the SECOND of OCTOBER. Worst “Start Here” day ever! MY MIND CAN NOT HANDLE IT.

But I’m going to do it anyway. I’m hoping a LET’S DO OVER! blog entry will give me the “beginning” feeling that I need.

Does not explain to me why I even need a beginning. Why can’t I have a good Wednesday after a shitty Tuesday? Why can’t I start eating healthy in the middle of the day? If I have a binging breakfast I eat like shit the rest of the day. If I have a bad Monday? The rest of the day is gone too.

Basically – I’m wondering why I’m so insane?

It doesn’t matter. I’m insane and it’s easier to work around it than to try to change it. I’m tricking myself with this blog entry into believing this day, in the middle of the week, on a generic day in the month, is my BEGINNING. I get a clean slate today. A do-over. Let’s call it the Second Of October Wednesday Challenge! It’s totally a thing! Didn’t you know? Join me! Clean Slate Day!


I’ll let you know if this works. We’ll see if this big vocalization of a random Clean Slate day successful thwarts my instinct to say EAT ALL OF THE FOODS UNTIL MONDAY!

4 thoughts on “The Power Of The Clean Slate.”

  1. I completely understand. Maybe it would help you to know you’re starting on the FIRST WEDNESDAY? Maybe Wednesdays could be your goal day to reach each week. It’s kinda perfect, because it’s also hump day. So if you make it to Wednesday, you’re over the hump and skating into the weekend.

  2. You know what? I needed a Clean Slate Day too. So I’m jumping on board your do-over bandwagon! Yay, first Wednesday startovers! Yay Second of October Wednesday Challenge!

  3. Every day is an opportunity for a new start. I tend to be more lax with my eating on the weekends. So if I’m shooting for weight loss, it’s good to have Monday and Tuesday to clean up and lose “water weight” gained from high glycemic index carbs, sugary foods, or excess salty stuff consumed over the weekend.

  4. Yes! This is so me! And what makes it worse is that when I weighed 103 kgs (227 pounds) I started on a MONDAY and lost 32kgs (70 pounds). Obviously not in one day. But I’ve gained half of it back and it’s so hard to not do it on a Monday again!

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