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I love instagram with all of my heart. But it does something weird to me. It makes me obsess over things I honestly care nothing about. Because my friends have these amazing pictures of those things and suddenly I’m like, Dude. That’s an awesome picture. I want to do that thing too and take pictures of it! Like yarn! And calendars! And Pyrex! And makeup! Let me show you how it happens:

First there’s Fluid Pudding who periodically posts pictures of her fibre arts. I don’t know the lingo, but she has those contraptions that turns a big wad of, like cotton, or something, into yarn! WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THAT? And then she’s MAKES stuff from it. And I get really frustrated because I know she’s making more yarn and socks and shawls than she’s showing us pictures off and I want to SEE THEM ALL and I’m not sure why. All I know is I see the pictures of the yarn and I SWOON. SO LOVELY!


Then there’s AndSoSheBlogs who has Boston Terriers and a MAD CRAZEE Pyrex collection. I find myself totally wanting to go start a Pyrex collection just because of her photos. I’ve never cared about it before but she posts these pictures of stuff she has, and stuff she wants, and suddenly I find myself obsessing over it and I have no control over it. I actually think about her Pyrex all the time, which she would probably find creepy if we hadn’t met in real life.


And then MistiMann is doing some sort of planner challenge where she posts pictures of her planner and all of the lovely ink and tape and tabs and suddenly I want to raid some sort of supply store and do the EXACT SAME THING. I just love her planner pictures so much, which is weird, even for an office supply ho’ like me. Why do I love someone else’s planner so much? It’s basically her calendar and I’m all like, “SHOW ME MORE PICTURES!!!”


And then…my favorite of them all…E’s bestest friend SavingLauren. First of all – I love her because she’s like a daughter to me. But, also? She’s SUCH an amazing makeup artist. And y’all? I couldn’t give two flying shits about makeup. Seriously. I don’t care about it AT ALL. But these pictures she takes of her makeup makes me want her to come over every morning and have her do this amazing art on my face. Because that’s totally what it is – ART. It’s not makeup…it’s too amazing to be makeup. Here’s a instavideo she took before going to see Taylor Swift with E. It’s basically her transformation to get ready for the show and it is AMAZEBALLS.


But even just her eyeshadow pics make me SO HAPPY. Look at what she did to her eyes here! WHY DO I LOVE IT SO MUCH? I don’t even know the first thing about eyeshadow yet I find myself obsessing over her makeup pics!


Of course, she also posts hysterical pictures of E, and that doesn’t hurt at all.


Who do you love on Instagram? Who should I be following because they post something I care nothing about yet will totally obsess over?

6 thoughts on “Insta-Obsessions”

  1. Every time I see Lauren’s pics I want her to be my personal makeup artist. Or for her to at least teach me how to make my eyeliner look like that.

  2. I seriously can’t even begin to say how excited I am that you mentioned me in your post! I feel like some major celebrity has said my name on TV or something!

    I LOVE my planner! Last month I joined a group on Facebook called “Planner Addicts” & they are my people. So many great ideas!

    Thanks for making my day!

  3. Oh sister…have I ever spoken about how much I LOVE Instagram. I love that I can keep in touch with family and friends with a split second simple picture without much commentary. I’ve told you before that I can’t handle FB because I’d spend way too much time and I get all wound up over silly little things like, “Why’d they say that?” “What do you think she meant when she said that?”…those weird feelings never happen to me on Instagram. I’ve found my boundaries and just when I think “hmmm, I should make a FB account” all I have to do is scroll through 1 minute of FB feed and I know without any doubt, I cannot do it. The other thing I love about Instagram is the ability to print these pics and use the pics with other projects/programs. Oh and they just look so cool in a square. I wish I journaled, but since I don’t I feel like Insta does a good job capturing my moments. Just this last week I told Chris I’m going to make an app that is called Instastories, all it does is print your picture, your comment, location and like count and put it in a journal-looking book. SIMPLE… I just need to find an app programer… Can Donnie do that? Let’s make millions and then live close to each other so we can be in each others Insta pics WAY MORE OFTEN!!! Love you!!

  4. I catch myself following a lot of healthy food / eating accounts (in hopes that i can eat that way more often), some celebs, fitness peeps, MUAs, few of my family members (they’re all mostly on FB anyway so…) and of course, some bloggers like you 🙂 I try to find inspiration from all of them at some point.

    I think I need to follow “savinglauren”. Holy crap that’s one talented gal! Maybe she’ll end up like make-up YouTube guru, Michelle Phan who’s all of 26 and just started her own make-up line (I also follow her – “michellefawn” on ig).

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