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Storyteller? Story Stealer.

There’s something I’ve always know about myself; but I don’t always give it much thought in my daily life.

I’m a storyteller.

I mean – I’ve been able to keep this blog going for almost 10 years now – with pretty regular content (4900 entries!), so obviously I’m a storyteller.

Oooh! Grabbing this I see I’m close to big post count AND comment count milestones! SQUEE!

But, I have realized lately that I even get excited when I hear a good story because – 9 times out of 10 – I’m going to find a way to retell it.

That’s the part that cracks me up, when I think about it. Not that I like telling my own stories. Who doesn’t like that? But, I also like to tell other people’s stories. And I do it…ALL THE TIME. Part of it comes from going on long runs with people. It’s really nice to pass the time chatting, plus it also helps you keep your heart-rate down. So, if I have good stories to tell as we log the miles? Bonus for all of us! And who cares if it’s my story, right?

I’m leaving the irrelevant text about “PV” in the screengrab for any of my Montevallo peeps out there who will appreciate it.

E going off to college has given me an AWESOME resource of stories. I wish I could re-tell them here but I think he’d have trouble making friends once they all found out his Mom was blogging about their adventures. But, MAN…he’s had some great stories. I’ll tell you one bit — He took his first breathalizer! I’ve never even had to do that. But, evidently, leaving in a group from Waffle House at 1am is something drunk people do. (Good call, actually.) He passed! Yay! And now he has this great story about it that involves lying to friends about other friends getting arrested and it cracks me up and I’ve told his story to – no less than – a million people.

And he has so many more awesome stories, I just love it. He came home this weekend (YAYAYAYAY!) and Donnie cleaned up after dinner Friday night so I could just sit at the table with E and his BFF while he told her some of his awesome stories. And you’d better believe that I’ll be retelling those as well.

But it’s not just my family who I – essentially – steal stories from. I do it from the checkout lady at the grocery store who had two kids 10 months apart. TEN MONTHS?! I have to tell that story! And the girl in the painting class I took that one time who told me that she drank the paint water once…full swig…and didn’t even realize it until after she swallowed. (They have big signs that say – jokingly – “DON’T DRINK THE PAINT WATER” because they encourage you to bring your alcoholic beverage of choice while you paint.) I tell the stories of my other tri friends who started as far behind as I did, because those stories encourage potential tri people to jump on the bandwagon. I tell stories about good races that I’ve heard of, and bad ones. Whether or not I’ve done either. I tell my family’s stories, my neighbor’s stories, and my kid’s stories.

So maybe…instead of being a storyteller…I’m actually a story stealer. Now, I don’t ever play it off as my own, I give it the credit where it’s due. But, if you tell me a good story I will save it in my arsenal and tell it again the next chance I get.

I hope you don’t mind.

Bonus pictures from E's trip home! None of us were happy.
Bonus pictures from E’s trip home! None of us were happy.

7 thoughts on “Storyteller? Story Stealer.”

  1. In the OB waiting room long ago I chatted with a pregnant woman who was holding a youngish baby boy, so naturally I was curious. Luckily for me, she told me the story: she was expecting TWIN BOYS. Who would be born ELEVEN MONTHS after her first baby IF they were full-term. THREE BOYS UNDER THE AGE OF ONE. I’ve wondered about that family ever since, and it’s been about twelve years!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been reading you for years & wanted to comment forever, but never had the nerve. Now I must, because I need to know where E got that shirt! My 5 year old son would love one. He’s really into geography. He’s a May baby like your W. Your posts about W’s bad behavior have been really helpful, my cute little monster has been testing me a lot lately. Thanks!

  3. He got it at Urban Outfitters! But he gets SO many compliments on it! It’s awesome! Someone even wrote a “confession” about it on his college confession FB page…he didn’t even know there was a confession page until someone tagged him in the comment. 🙂

  4. I tell other people’s stories ALL the TIME. Especially because I read so many blogs and have so many friends online. Especially to my husband. “LISTEN TO WHAT HAPPENED TODAY!”

    Also, I have had people tell my stories, too. Once, when someone found out I like John Green, told me about this awesome time he proposed to someone online. I was like, “Yesssssssssss, I’ve MADE IT.”

  5. i love this, girl! i never thought much about it either, but i am the SAME WAY!!!

    and i’ve got to thank you…you can imagine all the story fodder you’ve given me along the years! 🙂

  6. I credit my blogfriends with half the stories I tell because there is only so much excitement I can muster from my own diaper diaries

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