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You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby.

This is what progress looks like.
This is what progress looks like. (As always, thank you to Gregg Gelmis of We Run Huntsville for the pictures.)

That first picture was taken at my first ever triathlon. You know, the one that I was the most scared of the swim but ended up hating the bike the most? Yeah. That was that first picture. This was not long after my first bike class, which just the anticipation of made me cry. But that race day was my first real time riding on a busy road and even though they had traffic blocked off to the neighboring lane, I WAS TERRIFIED.

But the second picture? The day of that race? I was on a 4-lane highway with a speed limit of, like 55 I guess, and I was passing people in my lane while cars were zooming past in the neighboring lane. I mean, I’m still scared on the road, but holy crap I’ve come a long way. And this picture just shows it.

Also! The bike! The first bike was a borrowed mountain bike. It weighs about a million pounds and it was a tad too small (which I can see in the picture). But the bike I’m on now? It’s a road bike! I bought it used off a running buddy who upgraded this season. It’s wonderful and I love it. So, yeah. While part of the difference in the pictures relates to my comfort level on the bike? The other part relates to the bike itself. I feel better on this bike. It’s faster because it’s lighter and it fits much better. I haven’t gotten a real fitting yet, but if I switch to clip pedals next year (AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!) I’ll do that then.

One of the coaches from my last tri class (the one I never went to because I was terrified) posted on our Facebook group: Do one thing every year that terrifies you. I think I did that AND THEN SOME this year. And I have the photographic evidence to prove I’m better. I went about 12.3mph on that first race, 16.4 on the second. That’s probably 70% bike but 30% just getting past the fear. Going fast on a bike is TERRIFYING still. I’m still braking on even slight downhills. But still…I faced my fears, cried a lot…and came out on the other side smiling.

That’s the biggest difference – to me – between the two pictures. The girl in photo one? Looks terrified and miserable and wishing to be doing ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. (She was.) But the second girl? DUDE. She’s ready to GET HER RIDE ON.

I’m just really proud.

That is all.

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  1. You should be proud! You’re incredible in both pics and you set a goal then reached it. Now you’re just getting better and better. You’re still my hero.

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