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Wesley Has Had A Good Week.

He Got To Cut His Hair! (Sort of.)


He’s been wanting to shave his head so we let him cut his hair first. He thought it was hysterical. I even played around some (hence the bottom left picture) before Donnie finally cleaned it all up with a buzzcut. Super Adorbs!

And then…he’s had some AWESOME moments this week. Moments that I document on Facebook for friends and family, but I realized I needed to put them here to so I can read them when he’s 16 and being grounded for sneaking out in the middle of the night.

Wesley’s Adorability As Told Via Facebook Statuses This Week

Wes came to me wrapped in a towel to show me his haircut and I said, “It looks great! Now you need to take a bath to wash the hair off.”

He stared at me silently for a good solid beat and said, “I literally JUST took a bath. I’m still wet. THIS IS WHY I’M WEARING A TOWEL.”

I cried, I laughed so hard. I mean, I did kinda ask for it…

(And yes…that is a DIRECT quote. He even raised his voice when I used all caps. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.)

Donnie and I were struggling for clarification from Wesley this morning, one of those moments where we weren’t sure we were hearing what we thought we were hearing. As we were laughing Wesley exasperatingly said:

“Like…right now! You’re laughing! You’re crapping up!”

Once I calmed down I explained to him that I was “CRACKING” up. Not “CRAPPING” up…which is an entirely different thing that is NOT a laughing matter.

“100 + ground beef = 100 and ground beef.”

Complex math from Wesley.

Dear Neighborhood,
Let’s all pretend we didn’t hear the loud voice coming from my house saying, “No, sir! You are five years old! You wipe your OWN butt! I am not helping you!”

Wes got up early and was playing a game next to me by my desk while I worked. When I got up to make some more coffee he said, “Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll save your seat!”

No coworker ever offered to save my seat when I got up for coffee working in an office. Working from home definitely has it’s perks.

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  1. :o) My daughter keeps asking me to “crap” the door. It “craps” me up so much that I can’t correct her! :o)

  2. I also have a five year old and I also get in arguments about who is going to wipe his butt. He will once but if it requires more it is tragic. Ha!

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